Zebras remain free in Maryland after other escapees return to Wisconsin farm

On Tuesday, two zebras escaped private owners and roamed a freeway and residential areas before being fired (Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office)

Two fleeing zebras have returned to private owners in Wisconsin after strolling down a rural road – but a handful of their striped compatriots remain on the loose in Maryland after a separate escape.

September was an unusual month for zebra escapes in America. Over two weeks ago, five zebras managed to flee a private farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland – and they have yet to be recovered. Halfway across the country, two more in Wisconsin escaped their rural home and became a sabotaged highway traffic, much to the amusement of a garbage truck driver who captured them on video.

“My God, there are literally zebras walking on the road,” David Haupt said while filming the encounter. “I’m not even kidding: what about in reality …”

He added: “I’m on an African safari in a garbage truck, my God,” Haupt added.

The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department said the two zebras were quickly returned to their owners, who were not identified.

“Well it’s not the first exotic animal call we get, every once in a while you get something different, but yeah a garbage truck driver calls you up and says’ well he there are two zebras on the road, “that’s a little unusual,” Sgt. Nathan Borman told WBAY.

It wasn’t all settled so quickly in Maryland, however, where the zebras made their getaway earlier this month. They share the farm with more than three dozen others and it is still unclear how they escaped.

But sightings continued, with a dismayed resident sharing new footage taken on Friday this weekend.

Prince George County Animal Services Chief Rodney Taylor told the BBC that striped escape performers were particularly difficult to catch.

“’You can’t hunt them down,” he said. “They’re just too fast, they’re running, they won’t let you get close to them.”

Mr Taylor said a feeding station had been set up for the animals and officials hoped they could eventually be picked up nearby, reassured and returned to their farm.

He did not immediately return requests for comment from The independent on the progress of research on Sunday.

In the meantime, sightings continue as residents first mistake them for horses, deer or other animals, not expecting to see African equine safari natives in their backyards on the east coast. .

Despite this, 10-year-old Layla Curling struggled to persuade her mother.

“I thought it was a deer for about three seconds and then noticed it was actually a zebra,” Layla Curling, 10, told local 7 News.

When she said to her mother, “She said I was crazy and all,” the child continued. “She believed me after we looked out of the bathroom window.”

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