You have to go to La Casa de Alberto

Walker’s Point has a number of good Mexican restaurants, and one of the best is La Casa de Alberto (624 W. National Ave.). All my friends had mentioned this place since I moved to the neighborhood, and honestly, it took me too long to make it a regular spot.

Believe it or not, I have a sensitive stomach and Mexican food doesn’t always work in my favor. But there’s something so fresh about the food at La Casa de Alberto that I always go home full but never sick. They serve you with fries, pico de gallo, chipotle sauce and super hot salsa before you even order your drinks. Every person who works there seems genuinely happy with their job and happy to serve anyone who sits down at a table – really. My friend Molly and I had a tough day at work and needed a stranger’s smile (plus a few margaritas).

They serve their margaritas in a pitcher without ice and a smaller pitcher with ice to make your own drinks. You almost feel like you’re at the club with bottle service when there are a lot of people in the restaurant.

Molly loves enchiladas verde and rates them as her favorite. He’s someone who’s lived in Milwaukee for a long time and has been to all the good places, so his opinion is legit. I wanted to step away from my usual order and create a plate of a la carte items to experience more of the menu than I had before. I had a sweet mole tamale, a cheesy cheese enchilada and two tacos – chorizo ​​and tilapia. Man did I order right! I had little taste of all the proteins all dressed and swaddled differently in their corn casing versions.

This is for sure my favorite Mexican food restaurant in Milwaukee because somehow it makes you feel like you’re eating healthy and the margaritas are strong without being too sweet. Well known for their mole, this is a place with a smaller menu than other places in the area but full of flavor.

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