Year round farmer’s market in Wisconsin

I am a huge fan of the farmer’s market vibe. Whether it’s a large facility like Rockford City Market or a roadside pop-up on a summer day, there is just something cool about buying fresh food from the local people who cultivated and manufactured them. If you love farmer’s markets too, what if I told you there is a year-round farmer’s market in Wisconsin that you might miss?!?

Say hello to Milwaukee Public Market!

Located at 400 N Water St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this indoor market is open 7 days a week, year round, and bills itself as the city’s “ultimate foodie destination”.

Do you want good beer and good wine? They have it !

Milwaukee Public Market via Facebook
Milwaukee Public Market via Facebook

Sushi and fresh seafood? They have plenty too!

Milwaukee Public Market via Facebook

Honestly, at first glance, the Milwaukee Public Market has probably something to satisfy all your cravings. Fresh baked goods, meats, coffee, spices, CHEESE and more are all available at the Milwaukee Public Market.

The Milwaukee Public Market also hosts lots of fun events throughout the year and also offers a ton of cooking classes, including a bunch of tasty class options for kids. (See the class schedule, here). The market also has vendors selling unique gift items, clothing, flowers, and more.

Did I convince you to go? Here’s another interesting thing about the Milwaukee Public Market; most of their suppliers offer online order, so if you’re going to Milwaukee soon, but don’t have much time to wander the market, just pre-order the delicious food from their vendors, pick it up, and enjoy!

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