Wisconsin Rapids Man is Tug of the Year

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (WSAW) – Chris Nieman of Nieman’s Towing and Recovery in Wisconsin Rapids receives one of the highest honors for someone in his industry.

American magazine Towman names Nieman “Towman of the Year”.

About a week ago, Chris Nieman received several envelopes from American magazine Towman.

He says that at first he thought it was just a case of sending duplicates by mistake.

“It turned out to be a different nomination sent in by nine different fire chiefs in our area of ​​Wood County,” Neiman said.

These nominations were to name him Townman of the Year.

Wisconsin Rapids Fire Chief Todd Eckes says it’s because he’s always there when they need training to respond to traffic accidents, which his father and grandfather did before him.

“The answer was always yes and the next question was always where, when and how many vehicles do you need? And they would take them out, then they would pick them up, and we would never see a bill for that,” Eckes said.

“We also see it as training for us, just so we can learn together,” Nieman said.

Eckes says the relationship North Central Wisconsin fire companies have built with Nieman’s tow is paying off in ways they never imagined.

“The good thing about Chris is he’s always listening to the radio, and that’s all he has to do is hear that there’s a case where they’re going to need a tow truck where there is a life and safety issue, he is already driving before he was asked to start coming,” Eckes said.

Eckes says there is no one more deserving than Neiman for what he has done for the community.

“The more we work with him, like he does, the safer our patients will be when we perform these movements,” Eckes said.

Nieman will travel to Baltimore in November to receive the award.

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