Wisconsin Men’s Rowing 11th at IRA Nationals

WEST WINDSOR, NJWisconsin men’s rowing finished 11th at the 2022 IRA National Championships which ended Sunday in Mercer Lake.

Running into the third and final day of the championships, the Badgers’ best boat, the University Eight, found itself in 12th place after equipment problems slowed the crew at the start of the small final. Dartmouth won the race to take seventh place overall. California won the national title against Yale and Brown in the Grand Finals.

The varsity second eight notched the best result of the championships for UW, taking third in Sunday’s small final for ninth overall. The finish marked UW’s best in the event since the second varsity eight of 2015 took fifth place.

The UW varsity third eight won the third-tier final to take 13th place in the event.

On Saturday, UW’s university four finished 18th

Live from the lake
The head coach Chris Clark
On University Eight and Equipment Trouble

“We’re very happy to be in the top 12 in the country this year. We’ve had the service for a few years. Last year we were 11th, but that didn’t include Harvard and Yale, who were better than us. We would have been 13th, probably.

“Our three men, in the first two strokes, jumped on his slide and got out of his seat. The correct protocol is to stop rowing. You have 100 yards for this express scenario – for a breakage or an accident – then the helmsman raises his hand, then you stop, fix it and start again.

“I think they were in such a racing mode that they didn’t do it. I didn’t know they were over 500 meters rowing with seven guys, actually, not on the seat. When I look the swerves, it’s pretty remarkable they were as fast as they were with an oar in the water going back and forth with a guy sliding on his behind, not on the seat. shouted to fix the seat and he did, he had to come to a complete stop and they put the seat back and they left.

“For them, I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow. It’s the best eight we’ve had in 10 years and it was getting better every minute. We were absolutely on track to finish in the top 10, what we have’ “It hasn’t been done in a while. A serious disappointment for them. Great group of guys though and I hate that it ended like this.

“A lot of them come back, but I’m sorry for the guys who missed the opportunity because the man was those riders guys. We had the fifth years – coxswain and kick – coming back just for that and for it to end like that without really being able to give its best. But these things happen from time to time.

On the second university and the third university eight
“The 2V had a brilliant run and finished ninth, which at least in recent years I don’t think we’ve done as well in quite a while. I was really happy with that, they got it after him.

“The freshman/3V boat won the third tier final starting, so it was good for them. They had a great finish.”

“Overall it was a really great regatta. We held our serve even with really a no-go in the last eight-man college race. rare in a great race.”

2022 IRA National Championships
June 5, 2022
Mercer Lake
West Windsor, New Jersey
2000 meters

Team classification (Ten Eyck Trophy)
1. Yale, 283; 2. California, 272; 3. Washington, 255; 4. Brown, 247; 5. Darmouth; 6. Harvard, 236; 7. Syracuse, 213; 8.Princeton, 207; 9. Cornell, 173; 10. Boston University, 169; 11. Wisconsin, 165; 12. Navy, 158; 13. Northeast, 133; 14. Pennsylvania, 125; 15. Drexel, 124; 16. Temple, 101; 17. Stanford, 92; 18. Oregon State, 80; 19. Colombia, 79; 20. Marist, 36; 21. Santa Clara, 34; 22.Colgate, 25; 23. MIT, 23

Varsity Eight Small Final (Places 7-12)
1. Dartmouth, 5:49.361; 2. Northeast, 5:52.257; 3. Princeton, 5:59.435; 4. Cornell, 6:02.545; 5. Navy, 6:04.095; 6. Wisconsin, 6:10.341
UW Range – Helmsman Jacques Catalano, Adam Wehking, Joseph Clairy, Edward Brody, Breck Duncan, Dylan Green, Galen Quinn, Isaac Krahn, Olin Frederiks

Second Varsity Eight Small Final (Places 7-12)
1. Havard, 6:02.389; 2. Syracuse, 6:07.223; 3. Wisconsin, 6:09.997; 4. Boston University, 6:11.863; 5. Cornell, 6:14.405; 6. Drexel, 6:18.141
UW Range – Helmsman Jonas Rane, Aidan Schmidt, Michael Horane, Sebastien Murrell, Garrison Waugh, Walter Stanwood, Lorenzo Miller, Josh Wehking, Matthew King

Third Tier Varsity Eight Finals (places 13-16)
1. Wisconsin, 6:13.623;2. Temple, 6:16.573; 3. State of Oregon, 6:17.817; 4. Drexel, 6:21.707
UW Range – Helmsman Connor Slawin, Jack Turco, Samuel Crowley, Joshua Barth, Henry Voeller

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