Wisconsin dairy farmers react after Chicago tops cheese list

WISCONSIN — Chicago was chosen as the queen of the cheesiest cities in a list spanning the United States, but dairy industry experts said Wisconsin still has bragging rights in the dairy game.

LawnStarter found Chicago to be the best city in 2022 for cheese lovers out of 180 cities ranked by accessibility, quality, and affordability of cheese. This is a blow to the people of Wisconsin as Wisconsin’s top city, Madison, landed 7th on the list.

But don’t despair, because there’s a catch — chances are other cheesy towns still use Wisconsin cheese in their markets and dishes.

“We’d like every town in America to fight for the corniest town as long as it eats Wisconsin cheese,” Suzanne Fanning, vice president of communications for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin told Patch, “which we know how often they are!”

Of all the cheese made in Wisconsin, 90% is sold outside state lines, with Chicago being a top customer and lining its shelves and deep pizzas with Badger State cheddar or mozzarella, Fanning added.

Some famous Chicago pizzerias like Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s use Wisconsin cheese. Giordano even has a Wisconsin Cheese logo painted on the wall of one of its dining rooms, Fanning said. Lou Malnati said on his website that he’s been getting his cheese from a Wisconsin dairy for 40 years.

Wisconsin also has high standards for its cheese, being the only state that requires a license to make cheese and the only place outside of Switzerland to offer a master cheesemaker program, Fanning said.

So even though Wisconsin has fallen behind this year, people in the rest of the country still rely on our carefully crafted and wildly popular cheese.

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