‘Wisconsin Cheese Queen’ seeks the best curds in the state

MILWAUKEE – It’s no secret that Wisconsin residents love their cheese curds. But a woman takes it to a whole new level. This is Sam Buschman, who also calls herself the “Cheese Queen of Wisconsin.”

Since May 2020, Buschman has eaten thousands of curds at 149 different restaurants. She even drove all the way to Ashland for some curds. She publishes all of her reviews on her website. Each curd is judged on cheese, sauce, dough, and then given an overall score. It also includes the grade, price and location of each curd.

“I can’t get enough of it,” Buschman said. “I want to find the best. I’m on a mission, and now I feel like I owe it to people to find the best I can in Wisconsin”.

On Friday, we went to the Milwaukee Ale House in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward area to review their cheese curds. She gave their curd an overall score of 7.3. I gave the curd a 7.1. We both agreed that the curd was a bit oily. It came with chipotle aioli and ranch sauce.

James Groh

These cheese curds from the Milwaukee Ale House were part of the 149th review of the “Wisconsin Cheese Queen”.

Although no curds have scored a 10 yet, she says her favorite spot so far is Bonfire Grill in Madison.

Buschman previously worked in human resources for a restaurant franchise, according to his website. When she found herself unemployed during the pandemic, Buschman decided to continue supporting local restaurants and workers by eating out once a week.

“I’ve eaten cheese all my life and who doesn’t love fried cheese curds?”

She documented her reviews of curd and it quickly gained attention on social media. She’s like a cheese curd celebrity.

“I’ve had people come up to me in public and say they follow my page and they know who I am and that’s crazy,” Buschman said.

Keep up to date with his cheese curd reviews by going to his website or Instagram.

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