Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball: Red-White Scrimmage Recap

Basketball season is almost here.

While the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team doesn’t officially begin playing opponents until later this month, the Badgers held their annual red-white scrimmage inside the Kohl Center on Sunday.

The intersquad scrimmage featured the 2022-23 Wisconsin basketball team split into two teams in a game-like atmosphere. In the end, Team Red defeated Team White 55-51 in a fun workout that featured plenty of notable shooting performances from both sides.

Here’s a look at the rosters for scrum and some notable stats from the game.

Red Team White Team

Connor Essegian

Jahcobi Neath

Tyler Wahl

Steven Corneille

chucky hepburn

Jordan Davis

Chris Hodges

Max Klemit

Ross Candelino

Carter Gilmore

Justin Taphorn

isaac gard

Luke Haertle

Kamari McGee

Marcus Ilver

Isaac Lindsey (injured)

Great performances

Real rookie Connor Essegian (red team) and Wofford transfer Max Klemsit (white team) stole the show on Sunday. Both wings led their respective teams in points and each showed an ability to hit shots from anywhere on the pitch.

Essegian possesses a quick release and is an advanced shooter for his age. He’s gone 3-of-4 from three-pointers, and Essegian will likely see the floor right away this season based on his performance on Sunday and the summer trip to France.

For Klesmit, he attempted 13 shots from scrimmage but led all scorers with 17 points. With several years of college basketball experience, he’s one of the favorites for a starting spot this season, and he’ll likely split his time with Essegian and others.

Chucky Hepburn and Tyler Wahl, who both recently made the All-Big Ten preseason team, also scored in double figures in the scrimmage. Wahl hit multiple three-pointers and filled the stat sheet in multiple ways, while Hepburn did all of his damage inside the three-point arc. Hepburn finished with 12 points, while Wahl added 13 for the red team.

One of the main lessons of scrum, beyond the play of specific individuals, was the group’s shooting ability. Overall, both teams shot well from the ground and the red team made 50% of their three-point attempts. Greg Gard noted in his press conference last week that this team would need to shoot the ball well from three and the group could play a little differently on offense. This appears to be the case based on the melee. The team’s work on the defensive side will have to improve, but the group can shoot the ball.

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Transfer additions Max Klesmit and Kamari McGee also look set to contribute immediately for Wisconsin this season. The two combined for 26 points, four three-point marks, and also added three rebounds, along with five assists. McGee will likely be the main replacement behind Chucky Hepburn, but Max Klesmit’s role in the team will be interesting to watch early in the season.

Another notable result from the scrimmage was Tyler Wahl’s shot. After making just 16% of his three-point attempts last season, Wahl was 3 of 4 from scrimmage, and his shooting looks smoother than what we’ve seen in the past. Only one practice, but the results are noticeable.

Final statistics

Red Team

  • Connor Essegian – 15 points (shooting 6 of 7), three 3-point marks
  • Tyler Wahl – 13 points (5 of 7 shooting), three rebounds, two assists
  • Chucky Hepburn – 12 points (6 of 9 shooting), two rebounds, one assist
  • Chris Hodges – 2 points (1 of 3 shots), two rebounds, one assist
  • Ross Candelino – 7 points (2-of-2 shooting), three rebounds, four assists
  • Luke Haertle – 6 points (3 of 3 shooting), five rebounds, three assists
  • Markus Ilver – 0 points (0 of 5 shots), five rebounds, two turnovers

White Team

  • Max Klesmit – 17 points (7 of 13 shooting), three rebounds, two assists
  • Kamari McGee – 9 points (4 of 6 shooting), three assists
  • Carter Gilmore – 7 points (2 of 5 shooting), seven rebounds, one assist
  • Steven Crowl – 6 points (2 of 5 shooting), one rebound, six assists
  • Jahcobi Neath – 2 points (1-of-1 shooting), one rebound, one assist
  • Jordan Davis – 10 points (4 of 12 shots), one rebound, one assist
  • Isaac Gard – 0 points (0-of-1 shooting), one assist
  • Isaac Lindsey – Did not play due to injury

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