Wisconsin Badgers Football: Are You Crazy Brother? UW is moving up the rankings again!

Another week, another nicer grading for your Wisconsin badgers. As the Georgia Bulldogs rack up all the votes for first place again, the brave Badgers rack up all the votes for eighteenth place. Smart if you ask me. Right in the meaty part of the curve, without showing off but without falling behind either.

The Big Ten and the SEC each have five teams in the AP Poll and Coaching Poll as their ongoing battle for Power 5 conference supremacy rages on. There hasn’t really been much movement outside of the polls this week, only one team has changed in both polls, but there has been a definite reshuffle in the polls.

  • Ohio State -> Coach Poll # 3, Poll # 2 AP
  • Michigan -> Coach Poll # 6, Poll # 6 AP
  • Michigan State -> Coach Poll # 13, AP Poll # 12
  • Iowa -> Coaches Poll # 12, AP Poll # 17
  • Wisconsin -> Coach Poll 18, AP Poll 18
  • Penn State -> receive Coaches Poll votes, receive AP Poll votes
  • Purdue -> receive Coaches Poll votes, receive AP Poll votes
  • Man, every year we go through this, don’t we? We’re sort of convincing ourselves that this is the year the Ohio State Death Machine is going to run out of gas and, having lost to Oregon at home earlier this year, it looked like it was going to happen! Well, we were completely wrong. The Buckeyes ripped apart Michigan state member by member on Saturday, solidifying their place in the top four of any poll you want to check out. I hate it so much.
  • Would you like to watch Notre-Dame! They’re sitting right there at # 5 in both polls and, strange as it sounds … they did it quietly. Who (besides JJ) has talked about the Irish this year? Nobody, who is it! And now they’re a top four spot and a potential playoff spot? Crazy world we live in.
  • I am furious with the coaches for dropping my beloved UTSA Roadrunners two (!!) this week despite THEY REMAINING UNDISPUTED! Either way, you’ll all look silly when they finish the season undefeated!
  • Did either of you lay awake to watch Utah completely flatten Oregon on Saturday night? The Utes have a fierce defense and methodical running game that tires you out and, you know what, they just might be the best Pac-12 team this year.
  • Annoying that Arkansas stayed in the AP poll so Bama (who is a highkey trash this year) could claim another top 25 win this week. Hell, Nebraska is probably better than the Hogs this year.

AP Top-25: none

Coaches Poll: # 25 Kentucky

AP Top-25: none

Coach Poll: Arkansas # 22

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