Wauwatosa Pill Mill traffickers sentenced to prison: DOJ

WAUWATOSA, WI – Two owners of pain clinics who were convicted of distributing drugs like oxycodone and methadone were sentenced to jail on Friday, Acting U.S. Attorney Richard Frohling said.

Lisa Hofschulz, 61, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison and Robert Hofschulz, 74, to three years in prison.

Lisa Hofschulz and Robert Hofschulz were the owners of Clinical Pain Consultants in Wauwatosa, and federal officials said a jury found Lisa guilty of illegally giving opioids to patients, resulting in the death of a victim unknown. Robert Hofschulz was convicted of conspiracy to distribute drugs.

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Lisa Hofschulz was the number one prescriber of oxycodone and methadone in Wisconsin in 2015 and 2016, while federal officials say she prescribed opioids to 99% of her patients, each paying $ 200 per month for their prescriptions . Some clients have been prescribed without consulting a medical provider.

Federal officials called Clinical Pain Consultants a “pill mill” and said owners distributed millions of opioids in 2015 and 2016.

Find out what’s happening in Milwaukee with free real-time Patch updates.

“With nearly 100,000 Americans dying each year from an opioid overdose, medical professionals who violate their do-no-harm oath must be held fully accountable,” said John G. McGarry, an officer drug control in Wisconsin. continue to protect Wisconsin families from opioids that have been diverted from legitimate medical supplies. “

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