Tigers and Matthew Boyd look to the right ship in Milwaukee


Detroit southpaw Matthew Boyd has two hits in seven batting careers. Nonetheless, Tigers manager AJ Hinch still wishes he could get the bat out of Boyd’s hands on Tuesday.

Playing at a National League baseball stadium, Boyd will be at the bottom of the hitting list as the Tigers face host Milwaukee Brewers in Game 2 of a two-game series – a series that started with a win. from 3-2 Brewers in 10 innings. Monday.

Hinch’s pinch hit starter Tyler Alexander after just one inning on Monday because the Tigers had loaded the bases. In the middle of the game, reliever Rony Garcia had to beat to stay in the game and put the ball out.

“It was unfair to him,” Hinch said. “I’m going to go on the record – I prefer DH for an American League team. We prefer DH because our pitchers are at a disadvantage. No matter how much you practice it or not, they are uncomfortable.

On the mound, Boyd (2-6, 3.43 ERA) has lost each of his last three starts and five consecutive decisions, and hasn’t recorded a win since April 13. Boyd allowed at least four runs in each of those last three. outings, most recently Thursday when he pitched over five innings against Cleveland. Boyd worked 102 shots, a season high, and retired from a homerun on his last pitch.

“I didn’t put the guys aside,” Boyd said. “A lot of my failures in the 0-2 and 1-2 counts were a little too big. The ball wasn’t really in and out of the crease, it was a ball out of my hand. I sort of accumulated my own number of pitches.

He lost his only career outing to the Brewers, giving up seven runs in three innings in 2020.

Southpaw Eric Lauer (1-1, 2.45) is set to make his fourth start this season for the Brewers. He was brisk Wednesday against the San Diego Padres, holding them to one run on four hits in six innings with six strikeouts.

He will face the Tigers for the first time.

Lauer has put out 22 batters in 22 innings, but he relies on cunning rather than speed.

“The best way my notes play out on top of each other is to blend together. … I never try to throw the same throw twice in a row at the same spot, ”he said. “I always try to mix and match, move things around, play with each other, because I feel like that’s what puts hitters off balance. I don’t throw extremely hard, I don’t have incredibly hard stuff to break, but the more I can make the pitches look the same and then go in opposite directions or split, I think it’s a bit how I find success. “

Lauer was called up from the minors to make the start against San Diego. He hopes he won’t have to come back anytime soon.

“Everyone preaches, ‘Get into a routine and stick to it,’ but when you’re in that position, you can’t,” he says. “So you have to be able to adjust on the fly, and you have to be able to make things work as they come your way. No one really wants to be in this position. I know it is not a comfortable place.

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