Three families from central Wisconsin “Shop with a Hero”

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Three families went shopping with the Wausau firefighters on Monday at Fleet Farm. Wausau Firefighter’s Community Assistance Foundation, Inc. has been helping families in the community secure Christmas presents since 2018 with the “Shop with a Hero” campaign.

Firefighters said it’s the smiles they see that keep them coming back.

“I think once the kids come in and really understand what’s going on, and understand that they have a free rein to basically get what they want from themselves or their family, and hey, see. really how happy they are feels good, ”said Corey Parsch, firefighter / paramedic.

Firefighter Parsch spent nearly two hours with the Diaz family searching for the perfect gifts at Fleet Farm.

Giving back to the community is what they stand for.

“What we are doing is trying to help families in need and trying to make Christmases better for family members in our community,” said Jeremy Kopp, deputy chief of the Wausau fire department. . “I always felt like we could do more and having an organization like this, our charitable foundation to raise funds and give back to the community, just makes us feel like we’re doing our part a little more than every day, going to work and help where we can.

Each child was given $ 200 to spend on anything in the store. Parsch said that what they do with “Shop with a Hero” even gets paid up front when Christmas morning arrives.

“Being able to do something like that brings a little bit of joy on Christmas morning and it makes us feel a little better to be away from our families, so it’s special.”

Students from DC Everest High School will also participate. They will help wrap the gifts with the Station 2 firefighters. After all the gifts are wrapped, the firefighters will travel to family homes in fire trucks on Christmas morning.

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