The new venue will bring a bar, restaurant and live music back to the former Vitucci site

Beginning in 1934, when Frank and Anna Vitucci opened the My Office Tavern there, the 1893 Corner Faucet at 1832 E. North Ave. on the east side stands for the name Vitucci.

But since the family closed the long-running business in November 2019, the fate of this building and its contents has been of great concern.

(You can read a detailed story of Vitucci in the history of urban caving.)

Wonder no more because recently Bryan O’Boyle, CEO of Summit Clinical Laboratories, Adam Jansen and Faisal Ahmed-Yahia bought the old Vitucci from the family for $770,000 and shared their plans to reopen it from here. this autumn.

They have the same kind of college-aged crowd that fueled the place’s success in its later decades.

“We had visited several bars in the greater Milwaukee area before deciding on Vitucci’s,” says Jansen. “It’s a combination of the great history of the bar, the great potential of the space and the great neighborhood that made Vitucci the right choice.

“We went into our research with a flexible mindset rather than a predetermined idea of ​​what we wanted to build, and we felt the neighborhood lends a lot of inspiration that can help organically guide our development of the building for provide an ideal meeting place for the community.”

But don’t expect to find the same old Vitucci the next time you walk through the door of the place, which Jansen says will not only be a bar but also a restaurant, something Vitucci hadn’t been for a long time. . .

A menu from the era of the Vitucci restaurant.

“We plan to redevelop the interior with a fairly substantial renovation,” he says. “Our optimistic opening date will be October 1. We’ll probably tie a theme to the dishes and cocktails, but we’re still in the early stages of brainstorming and will let inspiration come to us during the renovations. progress.

“We’re going to gut a lot of the interior and reconfigure the use of space, but we’ve talked about keeping a Vitucci homage.”

Jansen says the new venue will – like Vitucci’s over the years – feature live music.

The new location does not yet have a name.

There is talk of moving the classic Vitucci sign outside either to one of the Mike Vitucci area bars like Izzy Hops, the Belmont Tavern, Uncle Buck’s, Caffrey’s or Murphy’s Irish Pub, it is possible that it is also found in the collection of the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

The classic sign of Vitucci.

Although the owners have a background in health care, they are eager to open their new business, Jansen says.

“The three of us had wanted to open a bar/restaurant for a long time,” he says. “We’ve been busy with other businesses and are finally on our first venture into running a bar/restaurant.

“We welcome our good friend who has been running bars/restaurants for 20 years. He will be our service manager and will help guide the development of the place.

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