The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies have long brought joy to parades. Now they’re crying over the Wisconsin incident

The deceased grannies “were extremely passionate,” the post said. “Their eyes were shining … the joy of being a grandmother. They were the glue … held us together.”

For one thing, they’re probably not your grandmother’s grandmothers.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies have been bringing joy to the Wisconsin Memorial Day Parade through Christmas crowds, sashaying with their pom poms in costumes tailored to the occasion, for decades.

“They’ve won many trophies, but it’s the excitement and smiles of children and adults of all ages that warms the hearts of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies,” the group’s website says.

The only requirement for membership is to be a grandmother, the group says.

The Dancing Grannies was formed in 1984 from what was originally a jazzercise group, one of the members at CNN affiliate WDJT said earlier this year.

The group trains once a week, and it’s clear that it brings them almost as much joy as it brings to the parade crowds.

“Who doesn’t like to hear wolf whistles at this age?” A member told WDJT.

As the group walks past the veterans booth, they are kicking and “kind of sexy, hip stuff,” another said.

Time spent together strengthens camaraderie and even family.

They go out to dinner together and carpool to a parade in Minnesota once a year, a member told WDJT. “It’s a good time,” she said.

“We all really love each other, I think,” said one. “We’re like sisters,” she said in the WDJT interview which included a clip of the group dancing to Sister Sledge’s “We are family”.

And they are dedicated. They train at home to make sure they have their routine, a member told WDJT.

It’s a “wonderful aerobic exercise,” one member said in a 2016 interview with CNN affiliate WTMJ.

“The crowds love us, it’s amazing,” a member told WTMJ. “And what’s amazing is what it does to us. That adrenaline is starting to kick in, and you just want to do your best.”

The group was devastated by Sunday’s tragedy, the group said on Facebook.

“Our group did what they loved, performing in front of crowds in a parade putting smiles on faces of all ages, filling them with joy and happiness.”

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