The chemistry between Davante Adams-Aaron Rodgers was never taken for granted

GREEN BAY – Davante Adams just jumped into the record books again after catching six passes for 76 yards and a touchdown on Sunday.

With four first-half receptions against Washington, Adams racked up 596 career receptions and passed Sterling Sharpe for second place in Green Bay Packers history. Donald Driver is the all-time leader of the Packers with 743 receptions.

But Adams was also there – instinctively, ready and a clearly viable target – when quarterback Aaron Rodgers needed him in the second quarter as Rodgers rushed to his right and threw an unreal pass at Adams simultaneously while crashing. on earth in the process.

“I moved to the right and I still have Davante,” Rodgers said. “And then I had the crisis of consciousness where I thought maybe I could execute it. And after taking about two full steps approaching top speed, I realized I wasn’t going to be close. And I saw Davante sort of come inside.

“Thrown a good ball, took a weird awkward fall and I’m glad he scored because I think everyone was pretty focused on that and not on me falling to the ground.”

It’s hard to revisit the chemistry question over and over (and over again) with these two. Playing together since 2014, we know they are unbeatable elite wingers. We know they share the same work ethic, motivation, attention to detail and intellect when it comes to game strategy. There is so much history and mutual admiration despite the age difference. 9 years old.

It would be so easy to take that for granted, especially when the Packers had a balanced offensive strategy against Washington and claimed their sixth straight victory this season.

In fact, one could argue that when the chemistry is this good, it seems easy to make and maintain. The point is, it takes constant work and effort.

So following another Green Bay win, it was the attempt to bring up the subject (again): Have Rodgers and Adams worked on anything with that chemistry, especially this year , kind of like, say, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton with the Milwaukee Bucks?

“Not Pippen and Jordan?” Rodgers intervened, with a slight mischievous smile.

Oh yeah, you remember Rodgers and Adams’ “The Last Dance” on Instagram in July.

Regardless of what happens at the end of this season and what happens to those two and their futures, it would be best to watch this teamwork now as it’s not the norm. This is exceptional.

That’s why Rodgers can throw Adams for 27 yards in the third quarter and know he’ll win it.

“There’s no 50-50 balls with Davante,” Rodgers said. “It’s always in his favor.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams (17) catches a pass in front of Washington football cornerback Benjamin St-Juste (25) during their game on Sunday, October 24, 2021 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

But what might be best is that Rodgers has someone who can level it up with him. Some partnerships must have that. We all need that person who will align with us, give us the truth, uncoated. Confrontation – to get better.

“He started this in Dallas in 2017,” Rodgers said. “When he told me to throw it a little better. ‘With his eyes.’ With his eyes he said that.

“With his mouth he said, ‘Yeah, throw him back.'”

That’s the thing about Rodgers and Adams. Despite their accomplishments, they still have endless energy to work on improving themselves every day. Rodgers knew, for example, that he hadn’t targeted Adams as recently as a few games ago.

“I’m fighting a few opportunities that we probably had in the red zone, where for some reason they took the cover off him,” Rodgers said. “And one time I threw a hard blow at him, and we had a penalty on the play. And the other time I just wanted a little too much to get him back the 3rd and 15th on the previous play. I probably would have had him if I had just adjusted the route maybe before the crash or if I had trusted – looking away – and trusted that he would be there.

“Corn, there are no 50-50 balls with Davante, you feel incredibly confident that he’ll be okay with it. He’s such a talented player.

“He’s a difference maker.”

These are still very bizarre times in professional sport. Usually, Adams was available at his locker after the game, ready to answer questions and develop his thoughts and ideas. He was talking about how it worked that even with Rodgers rushing to his right, Adams didn’t accompany him – he went in the opposite direction. And how Rodgers still saw him.

Adams would be there to explain why he has such a great balance. And maybe how he works to win those 50-50 balls. than 27– The yards on the sidelines to end the third quarter were remarkable.

But in this era of a pandemic, the Green Bay locker room is still not open and only four players were brought to the post-match microphone in the media auditorium to talk about the game. Adams was not one of them on Sunday.

For Rodgers, Adams is a collaborator and a confidant. And while part of their chemistry is automatic, over time and experience they continue to fuel that partnership.

“It’s kind of autopilot – but it’s a lot of communication,” Rodgers said. “So the stuff in the game, we always make slight adjustments.

“He’s one of those guys, he’s such a wise player. His football IQ is so high. We always check on the sidelines, looking at the tablet. And I make sure to check with him on some parts. Even after the play, we’re going to watch and nod, or some kind of non-verbal communication.

“If it’s a racing game, maybe we have some sort of rear adjustment. Or maybe there’s a pre-engagement adjustment.

“Or something we talked about during the week.

“Being on the same wavelength so many times is a tribute to his preparation.

“And our connectivity.”

There was a time in Green Bay where there was only one star, Sterling Sharpe, or a big benchmark guy, like Brian Noble. The fact that Adams is having another bad ass match in Green Bay – and not even getting brought up to post-match media interviews – is not the norm. This is the exception.

Maybe in Wisconsin it’s a little hard to come to terms with the Jordan-Pippen analogy because of the Chicago Bulls rivalry.

But maybe Rodgers and Adams have something more like Antetokounmpo-Middleton after all. Maybe that shared sense of responsibility when the team really needs it. Perhaps a respectful difference of opinion which leads to healthy confrontations and compromises. Maybe he puts the team first in the most team-oriented sport more often.

Maybe … something even better?

Highlight not to be missed: How did Davante Adams catch this pass? | Packers vs. Washington

“Great throw, great catch,” Packers coach Matt LaFleur said of Adams’ fingertip grip. “Especially when it’s happening right in front of you.

“There aren’t many words to describe the connection these guys have. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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