The best things to do this week, according to our editors: May 16

1. Get instant pizza gratification


So… pizza. One of nature’s most perfect foods. And nothing eases the pain of disappointment (oh, Bucks) than a pie. Flourchild (722 N. Milwaukee St.) recently joined the brick-and-mortar restaurant community, after a few years of operating as a pop-up. This member of the Third Coast Provisions/Merriment Social family of restaurants doesn’t do the standard Milwaukee-style thin crust. No, the base is plush, medium thickness, easy to grip in your hands. You can make your own or choose one of the mixed options (which include cheese curds, meatballs, and Doritos). More recently, I’ve chosen a pie that’s pushed the seasonal button – the Green Machine, a vegetable-based cover of ramp pesto, asparagus, pickled ramps, fontina, and aged mozzarella cheeses, as well as veggies. crispy artichokes. Lots of earthy flavors building on top of each other for the win!

2. Have a beer at Component Brewing


The component opened in its new, much larger space – still in the Lincoln warehouse in Bay View, but with a much more visible first-floor entrance – in March, but it took this Tosa man a few weeks to check it. I’m glad I did. It’s a cool space, with a classic Edison-bulb taproom vibe despite the fact that the working portion of the brewery is open to the space. Co-owners Jonathan and DJ Kowalske take Component beer in two different, crowd-pleasing directions: really well-made lagers and traditional styles (hefeweizen, Italian pilsner, dunkel) for curmudgeons and oldies like me, and IPA and hazy sours for the normals. contemporary beer drinkers. My favorite beer that night was the Freiheit kottbusser, a (kind of) pale ale of German origin that Component brewed with Westallion Brewing in Stallis.

3. Lily Atomic Habits by James Clear


Maybe your life is a bit of a pile of garbage? If your answer is yes, then welcome to the club, my friend. If you want to improve yourself and, by extension, your life, this self-help book isn’t the worst place to start. Atomic Habits isn’t revolutionary, but it’s a useful compendium of ideas for both breaking bad habits and implementing good ones. One strategy I found helpful was to use small habit changes to make big ones. Clear uses the example of adding a five-minute workout to your routine, then building it to 10 minutes, then 20, then an hour, and so on. I already lift like an absolute beast, so I decided to use this strategy to gradually improve my almost absurdly poor social skills. So, to build my new social habits, I just go up to people and say, “Hi. How are you?” and then walk away. Maybe next week I’ll be like, “Good, thanks for asking.”


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4. Stroll through Milwaukee County Parks


I know that beautiful weather we had was all anyone can talk about last week (hello, little chat!) but seriously, it’s been tremendous outside. My favorite way to spend time outdoors has been walking around the park – my favorites include Humboldt Park in Bay View, Atwater Park in Shorewood, Lake Park and Hubbard Park on the east side. They all have beautiful landscapes and are all on the edge of a body of water, be it a pond, a river or a lake. Personally, it’s a great way to progress each day while enjoying nature, especially since I sit at a desk and stare at a computer screen all day (oh yeah, like I do right now …). I know I’m not the only one in this boat, so if you need a break or a way to relax after work, a walk in the park is, well, a walk in the park .

Humboldt Park; Photo by Brianna Schubert

5. Get your flowers and baskets from the Tehan greenhouses


This year my husband and I got big on gardening – mostly because we bought our house from a master gardener and were pressured to participate in the neighborhood garden walk. Unfortunately we don’t know much about gardening so this weekend I thought we could put some lipstick on our pig by picking up some annuals to plant in our flower beds and pots . My mom said the best place to go in town was Tehan’s Greenhouses in Oak Creek. Of course, she was right. Not only did I find the perfect plants for my spots, but I also walked away with three stunning floral baskets. I immediately got to work planting and couldn’t believe how beautiful my yard suddenly looked. We can still fool those garden walkers!



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