The best things to do this week, according to our editors: February 7

1. Hit Sheboygan for a morning with the kids


On Sunday, I met my sister and her daughters – ages 2 and 4 – halfway up I-43 in Sheboygan for a morning of breakfast and kids’ games, and both of our stops were worth it. to be recommended. Breakfast was at Harry’s Diner, a wonderful little Elvis-adorned place with friendly staff and frying pans. Then it’s on to the Above & Beyond children’s museum, which makes the most of its relatively small footprint on the outskirts of downtown with four floors of entertainment. Little kids of course loved it, but I was surprised how engaged my 11 year old was in play areas like the little model classroom, climbing a ‘tree’ / slides and the piano harp. It would be super easy to build a full day out of a trip to Sheboygan – adding a stop at the excellent 3 Sheeps brewery or the Kohler art installations.

2. Watch Pork


Pork (on Hulu) is the best movie of 2021 I’ve seen. I say this with complete and utter sincerity. I realize people will see that this is a movie starring Nicholas Cage as a recluse of the woods whose truffle pig is stolen, and I think I mean that in an ironic way. I do not. Pork is phenomenal. It shatters any expectations you might have for it in the best possible way and is thoughtful and beautiful and I liked it so much more than the buckets of crap that hit theaters last year. Also, I uploaded the soundtrack to Spotify and now I listen to it while I cook breakfast and hold back tears. Seriously. Watch this movie.

Celebrate the Unity Awards!

We honor individuals and organizations who have invested their energy, talent, and resources in making our city more equitable and inclusive for all on March 3 at the Latino Arts United Community Center.


3. Check out the PBS Masterpiece Theater


I’ve always loved Masterpiece Theater – everything from a modern detective series like ‘Wallander’ to period plays like ‘Les Miserables’. More recently, I watched the first season of “Sanditon,” an adaptation of an unfinished novel by Jane Austen. The show’s creators took creative license with the story (since it was never finished) and it’s not as straightforward and appropriate as Austen’s books. It’s a delightful escape and I can’t wait for Season 2 to come out in March.

4. Embrace the Bock season


February is prime time for bock beers in Wisconsin, and there’s a particularly robust harvest of these robust, German-heritage lagers this year. When done well (as all of the ones mentioned here are), this style is soft yet balanced – and as such it’s easy to lay a few down despite their relatively high strength. Perhaps the grand dame of them is Lakefront’s exceptional Maibock (a lighter version of the style), with a wonderful sweet malt and bread character. New Glarus Brewing’s Cabin Fever uses honey on a light bock base for a distinctive, slightly earthy inflection. And on Saturday, at its two locations in Cedarburg and Wauwatosa, The Fermentorium released its Latibulator doppelbock, a beautiful garnet concoction that boosts the volume of bock up to 11 without reducing the sweetness.

Fermentorium Latibulator; Photo by Chris Drosner

5. Get the Greendale Original at Ricardo


If you like Milwaukee style pizza, you have to make the trip to Greendale for some Ricardo. They do a textbook cracker crust that is so delicious. But I’m not just here to recommend your regular order of pepperoni. I’m here to tell you about the Greendale Original pizza. This is a pesto and bruschetta masterpiece that has become my favorite pizza in Milwaukee. I always like to order enough to have leftovers, which I reheat in the Air Fryer – that’s a bonus pro tip for you.



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