Thai Bar-B-Que takes your taste buds to Thailand


Like most restaurants in America, Thai Barbq is understaffed, but that doesn’t stop people from eating remotely and nonstop delivery drivers from walking through the door. The waiter was very friendly although he seemed a bit overwhelmed. Fear not, we ordered a feast and had a lovely round table in the window so we could see the National Avenue at sunset and all the golden Thai decorations fitted to the interior. The corner of National Avenue and 35th Street is Milwaukee‘s version of Little Asia.

Joining my parents for dinner, they let me order and wanted to try something different from the usual pad thai and spring rolls they’re used to. We opted for a tom yum soup, fresh shrimp buns, a spicy papaya salad, pork larb and a vegetarian tofu jungle curry.

The spice scale is 1 to 5 and 2 to 3 is fine, unless you really appreciate the intense heat in your food. Even at level 2, we sweated at the table. While we may have ordered too much, Thai food is some of the biggest leftovers in my opinion.

Normally I don’t applaud the photos on the menus, I think it helps you choose a better mix of textures, colors, meats and flavors. My mom once told me “a good meal has many colors” and that mantra rings true at Thai Barbq.

And, if you’re adventurous enough to want to try Thai cuisine at home, visit the Asian International Market a few doors down to get all the authentic ingredients you could possibly need and then some.


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