Team Europe pays tribute to Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin

While the eyes of the sports world may have been on Wisconsin this week due to the Ryder Cup, it’s usually an oval rather than a round ball that dominates the headlines in the American dairy country.

Just 61 miles north of Whistling Straits is the town of Green Bay, home to the Packers, one of the NFL’s most famous franchises with 13 league championships including four Super Bowls in their trophy cabinet.

In honor of the local heroes, the European team wore their colors in training on Wednesday and even their iconic cheese heads on the first tee, much to the delight of local fans.

“It’s a nod to Wisconsin and obviously Green Bay that we chose that, we chose the colors,” said captain Pádraig Harrington.

“And obviously the cheesy heads and throwing things up there is a little bit of fun for the fans who are here. The Wisconsin fans are very grateful, so we want to show our appreciation in return.

“It’s good. We think the colors are nice. We think the outfit is really nice, and I think the players are pretty happy that they’re doing something to show their respect for the local state we’re in. are. “

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