Stakeholders meet to discuss solutions to Milwaukee violence

MILWAUKEE – Community responders gathered Tuesday night to discuss the violence in the city of Milwaukee.

The purpose of the ‘Break the Silence’ community rally was to express the need for all members of the community to work together to help prevent crime.

“If there’s a way to prevent something before it happens, then we’re saving lives,” said organizer Tracey Dent.

After a weekend of violence in the city where three people were killed in a home, Jamal Smith of the city’s Office of Violence Prevention said that while thoughts and prayers are needed at a time like this- here, people also need to be pushed to do more.

“Sympathy and empathy for victims of violence and families must lift people to a higher level than stagnation,” Smith said.

Police and fire officials at the event spoke about the toll of crime on first responders.

“We face non-stop violence from the time we start work (until) the time we finish work,” said Milwaukee Police Officer Taylor of District 7.

Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski said, “My firefighters and paramedics are never going to stop, but I’m telling you they’re going to burn out.”

Milwaukee Police Department officials provided TMJ4 News with the latest numbers on homicides in the city and the number of solved cases, which means an arrest has been made.

As of March 29, there have been 52 homicides in 2022, and 58% of them have been cleared. These figures correspond to national averages. According to FBI statistics, the nationwide clearance rate is 61%, and for cities the size of Milwaukee, it is 55%.

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