Should the Milwaukee Bucks trade in the 2022 NBA Draft?

One of the big criticisms with the Milwaukee Bucks keeping their pick at number 24 overall is that they won’t be able to sign a player who can have an immediate impact on their team. That’s a fair review and while there have been some great players ranked 24th overall, it’s not a prime place to acquire an impact player.

That’s not the likely scenario in this draft, but if the Bucks really want to take advantage of a first-round pick for the first time since 2018 and nab a player they like, then the trade would be on the table for them.

They don’t have a lot of resources to do that, but there might be a few teams that would be interested in a trade to Milwaukee.

What are realistic trade scenarios for the Milwaukee Bucks?

Of course, to trade, you’ll need to draw the other team with something in addition to the 24th overall pick. Grayson Allen is perhaps the Bucks’ best (and most realistic) trade chip.

He will be 27 at the start of the season and is coming off his career-best season. He averaged a career-high 11.1 points on 61 percent shooting true (equal career-high), along with 3.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists. He shot 41 percent on 3 on nearly six attempts and became a deadly shooter for Milwaukee by developing chemistry with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The problem for the Bucks is that they may not be able to play in a playoff after the first round, which is a problem for a team that wants to go deep into the playoffs every year when they have their core in square.

A very interesting team that could use Allen’s services is the 18th overall Chicago Bulls.

They had one obvious flaw last season in that they shot by far the 3-lowest per game at 28.8, according to, but shot them pretty well at almost 37%. They could definitely use a shooting infusion in their rotation and Allen would absolutely give them that based on, well, what I said above.

He could play alongside DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine (if he re-signs) since he didn’t need the ball in his hands and showed his ability to move in open space to create passing lanes for those running backs.

The wrinkle here would be that Allen is hated by the entire Bulls fanbase after the incident with Alex Caruso. There is also still confusion over whether or not Allen has apologized to Caruso, so I don’t know how welcome he would be in that locker room.

The San Antonio Spurs have two picks and the 20th overall would be much more likely than their first 10 pick. They also shot a very low volume of 3-32 per game (sixth lowest) and could use some shooting in their rotation as well.

They nearly made it to the play-in last season and Allen’s shot could help them get to that point as they look to take the next step in their rebuild.

On the other hand, they might not want to accept extra pay on top of losing four places.

It’s a tricky place to get in the draft for a team like the Bucks because there’s really no guarantee that the player they get in the middle of the draft is going to hit either one and then you’re considering d drop a rotation player who could either help you or help get another rotation player into a trade.

While there is an appeal going up, it doesn’t seem like the right situation for the Milwaukee Bucks given their lack of assets to sweeten the pot.

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