Red Bull Flugtag is coming to Milwaukee this weekend

MILWAUKEE — Red Bull Flugtag takes place this Saturday at Veterans Park on Lincoln Memorial Dr. Opening ceremonies begin at 1 p.m.

In case you have never heard of the event; a platform is built and competitors attempt to launch and fly homemade, human-powered “planes”. Points are awarded including who flies the farthest.

Milwaukee’s “Flying Schmeat” team captain Anthony Balistreri joined Wisconsin‘s Morning News to discuss the event.

“We have all watched Red Bull Flugtag events since we were young on YouTube,” Balistreri said. “We always thought it was awesome. It’s funny to see the crazy planes people make. I was browsing Facebook one day and couldn’t believe it; I heard he was coming to Milwaukee, so I talked to my friends. I was like, ‘Look, we’re signing up right now, let’s get to work.’

There are always unique aircraft featured at the event and Balistreri says his team’s machine is to represent the city.

“We’re doing a giant bratwurst on the wings,” Balistreri said. “We wanted to represent Milwaukee as best we could. All the different cultures and what not. You have chorizo, Polish, Italian sausages; so we made our own sausage.

However, it will take “magic” to make the machine fly as there is “no way to practice it”. But the Flying Schmeat has “complete confidence” in its aircraft.

“As to whether he’s going to fly,” Balistreri said. “Well, that’s the power of magic. If we get the right gust of wind; we calculated it, it could land somewhere almost in Michigan.

If the Flying Schmeat makes money, it will all go to a GoFundMe where all money will be donated to Feed the Change Inc. A non-profit organization that provides food and clothing to homeless families and people in the need in the Milwaukee and Madison area.

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