PJ Tucker relives epic championship parade

Even though he went to an Eastern Conference rival, the PJ Tucker era of Milwaukee Bucks basketball will live on forever after helping deliver the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. He was a fan favorite, many were disappointed that he was not brought back, and he will receive a big standing ovation when he returns to the Fiserv Forum later this year with the Miami Heat.

It was also one of the greatest moments, otherwise the biggest moment in Tucker’s NBA career and it was a big topic of conversation when he appeared on JJ Redick The old man and the three podcast where they touched on everything from his house he just has for his shoes to a career-changing reunion to his championship run with the Bucks. Oh, and his amazing performance at the championship parade.

Tucker was very candid about how his exit was handled by the Bucks and that he expected to return, but didn’t. He keeps the same candor in this appearance, but he was much happier and nostalgic for it.

PJ Tucker Relives Championship Racing And Parade Experience With Milwaukee Bucks

It’s clear that Tucker really enjoyed his time with the Bucks, in part because they won the championship I’m sure. But Milwaukee was not the destination he initially thought he was heading before the trade deadline last year.

“It’s crazy. It was just those two [Milwaukee and Miami], law? But the way things were looking, I thought Miami was going to be the right one. All the telltale signs were saying Miami at the time. … And then the Milwaukee affair just happened like a * snap of the fingers * boom. It just happened and I was like ‘wait what happened?’ like I really don’t mean it.

The rumors that led to this point were that the Bucks and the Heat were both heavily interested in Tucker, but it’s interesting to hear that he thought he was definitely going to play for the Heat and now it’s especially interesting. given that he signed with Miami in the offseason.

Tucker then got into some of the more in-depth moments of the championship race, including their epic seven-game streak against the Brooklyn Nets. Tucker notably fought with his good friend Kevin Durant throughout this series and even got involved with Durant’s mother who was sitting on the court.

“So I was talking… crazy. I was in him, I had had him a few times like real hard knocks. She was like ‘he doesn’t play basketball, he plays football! He attacks him, blah blah blah. She goes after me, someone takes a free kick, and I hear her. I turned around and said ‘I love you, mom.’ And she, I mean too dry, she says ‘I love you too.’ Can’t believe TNT caught it… it was my playoff moment.

He gave a very detailed answer on how he must be mentally wrong when guarding Kevin Durant because he’s going to score, but as Tucker says, he has to be thinking that Durant can’t keep making those shots. His mindset was to make it as difficult as possible for Durant to score, even if he would lose 50 points anyway. It was something that occurred to me where he was going to work extremely hard and make Durant work extremely hard to get his points.

Tucker also spoke about how mentally tough this Nets streak was for the whole team and that he was almost surprised at the end of the series that he had to play more games. This series felt like a series of finals for the team and for the fans with all the emotional ups and downs coming from that series.

The best part of the podcast for me, however, was when he spoke about the Championship parade and his epic performance throughout. Tucker was the life of the party and it was great to see him partying with the fans after the championship.

“Listen, I’ll tell you right now, I don’t think I’ve slept five days in a row. Have you been to Milwaukee in the summer, like when the weather is nice? Milwuakee is actually a nice place [Redick: I love Milwaukee], Milwaukee is really nice in fact, in summer it’s delicious. And when the Bucks win, it’s even better. I couldn’t afford a drink. … I just enjoyed it with the fans because I knew how much it meant to them. It could never mean as much to me as to them. “

Tucker also decided to take on the parade on his own because, as he describes it, the Big Three Bucks don’t get too wild. He noted that the stars are not really big partygoers and that he has decided to go crazy (despite some protests from Khris Middleton for him to calm down). He went on to go into detail about his speech during the parade and what led to one of the best moments of the entire season.

“I was starting to lose my voice from the parade screaming all the time. … I had just finished one [bottle of champagne] and then my boy hands me another huge bottle and it’s like just before. Just when I go up there they say my name and I’m like “oh it’s my turn, ok”. I didn’t say anything of what I told myself I was going to say because I ended it like that but it ended up being all my speech, I forgot everything before so that’s when I knew I was drunk. The sip wasn’t meant to be that. I was going to take a sip and spray it on but, you know, it happens.

It was a great interview and Tucker is one of the best personalities in the entire league so hearing him tell stories of the championship race from his perspective was a very enjoyable hour or so. I highly recommend listening to the stories of the Bucks but also his journey in his basketball career, because it is a very beautiful story of perseverance.

Tucker will make his highly anticipated return to the Fiserv Forum on December 4, where the Bucks will seek revenge for the horrific loss in Game 2 of the season.

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