Paisan restaurant could reopen on Friday after the building is forced to close | Restaurants

Borowski and his partner, Ed Shinnick, had 50 employees when the building closed, and Borowski said he didn’t know how many of them would return.

After facing a year of pandemic restrictions, Borowski said his staff was not full when it had to shut down, but was able to cover all shifts.

“We were open. We had people here and they were doing the job, ”he said. “So now, six weeks later, am I still going to have the same 50 people?” I do not know. I tried to understand. I know I have experienced some attrition and I cannot fault anyone who cannot sit for six weeks without getting paid. I can’t blame anyone who needs to leave and go somewhere else.

Four days after the closing, Borowski said he met his staff at Porta Bella, the sister restaurant he and Shinnick own at 125 N. Frances St., and asked them if they would stay by his side and most of them. of them said “absolutely” he mentioned.

Borowski, 67, who still enjoys working in the kitchen making pizza, said all of his kitchen staff would be back at work minus a key employee, which he says is like losing equipment in a watch.

“It’s going to keep rolling,” he said, “but it’s going to stop every now and then because a tooth is missing.”

Borowski said he couldn’t afford to pay his employees while the restaurant was shutting down. The way Paisan’s has operated for years is that it made money in the summer and it was ‘worn out’ for the winter when it wasn’t doing so much business, he said. said, comparing it to farming.

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