OWI crash in Caledonia, Milwaukee man charged


A 26-year-old Milwaukee man is charged with a total of 14 counts in connection with a June 6 accident.

Prosecutors said Eusevio Garcia Jr. was intoxicated while driving when he caused a crash involving multiple high-speed cars – injuring four others – in Caledonia.

A Caledonia police officer was patrolling an area near County V Freeway and Northwestern Avenue at around 8:15 p.m. on the night of the incidents. At this point, the officer came across two vehicles parked by the side of the road and believed it was a broken down vehicle scenario at the time.

Shortly after the officer came to the scene, a criminal complaint says he received a shipment report from a reckless driver – corresponding to one of the two vehicles stopped, a red Dodge Charger .

The officer turned on his lights and turned around. He approached the car on foot and the driver – since identified as Garcia – got into the Charger and drove off. The officer returned to his vehicle and began to follow the Charger, who illegally passed a vehicle near a hill, according to the complaint.

The officer lost sight of the vehicle as it crossed the hill. When the officer himself crossed the hill, the complaint states that several vehicles were stopped and that the officer also saw three damaged cars on the side of the road.

During the investigation, a download of information from Garcia’s car revealed that it was traveling 120 km / h for less than two seconds before the airbags inflated as a result of the crash.

The first car that was hit had three people inside – the driver and two passengers. All three were taken to hospital, suffering from injuries including whiplash, neck sprain and hip contusion.

The driver of the second car affected was also taken to hospital. The complaint states that his car rolled forward as a result of the impact. A download of information from her car showed it was traveling at 46 mph, but the impact of Garcia’s car caused an additional 43 mph acceleration. The driver was the only person in the car and had a fractured vertebra, torn ligaments in her neck and blood pooled in her spinal cord. “

Garcia himself was rushed to hospital via Flight for Life due to his injuries.

A witness told police the Charger was “at high speed” and “driving erratically” before colliding with other cars. Another witness said he saw the driver, Garcia, drink alcohol while driving, according to the complaint.

Officers spoke to a woman at the scene who said she and Garcia were earlier in Quarry Lake Park. Garcia was drinking, she said, and he drove off with two children in the car. The woman said she saw Garcia pull over and stopped in front of him demanding that he not drive with the children. The children then got into his car. After Garcia left, the woman said she saw him hit a car and then a second immediately after the first.

Officers searched Garcia’s car and found an empty bottle of Hennessy.

The day after the crash, detectives spoke to Garcia at the hospital. He agreed to speak in the absence of a lawyer, the complaint says.

Garcia told authorities he was in Quarry Lake and had been drinking. He said he did not remember the accident, but did remember being at the quarry and then being taken out of the car. The complaint indicates that Garcia was asked why he did not remember it; he said he was “passed out”.

The complaint says Garcia told detectives he “had a drinking problem” and the accident was a “wake-up call.” The complaint says Garcia asked about the condition of the people he struck and “appeared remorseful.”

Garcia is accused of:

  • First degree security recklessly endangering (6 counts)
  • Driving while intoxicated (3 counts)
  • Driving a motor vehicle under the influence (2 counts)
  • Drunk use of a vehicle
  • Dangerous driving
  • Knowingly driving a suspended motor vehicle

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for July 1.

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