My Two Cents: Wisconsin’s Brad Davison is restless and boring – and he stole our best girl

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – There will be a first-ever event in the iconic Assembly Hall’s 50-year history on Tuesday night. Those intimidating banners swaying in the breeze atop the two baselines? They don’t scare Brad Davison from Wisconsin.

In fact, one of the banners makes his heart beat. Because her fiancé helped put that banner up there.

Davison, the restless and boring fifth-year guard from Wisconsin, is engaged to Indiana women’s basketball legend Tyra Buss. The basketball couple is getting married in July. Buss, Indiana’s all-time leading scorer, helped the Hoosiers win the 2018 NIT Tournament, and a banner commemorates the title in the south area of ​​Assembly Hall.

Davison is a huge fan favorite in Madison, but he’s one of the Big Ten’s most despised opponents because he’s been caught dishing out low kicks every once in a while. He’s mellowed a little in his fifth and final year at Wisconsin and is enjoying a 19-5 career year for the Badgers, who have been a pleasant surprise in the Big Ten this season.

Buss, who played at Indiana from 2014-2018, scored 2,364 points and has bragging rights in the relationship. Davison has 1,709 points heading into Tuesday night’s game against the Hoosiers at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

It’s one of Davison’s favorite buildings to play in, and he talks about it a lot. And Buss even mocks the fact that a Google search for ”Brad Davison dirty player” generates 491,000 searches. She sees another side of him, of course.

On Monday night, Buss — who is now an assistant coach at Milwaukee — and Davison joined Sports Illustrated Indiana publisher Tom Brew for an 11-minute video interview. Here is the full interview. It’s very entertaining, with lots of conversations about their relationship, their competitiveness, and their excitement about getting married this summer.

Watch the full interview below:

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