Milwaukee’s Broken Bat Brews Field of Dreams ‘Can of Corn’ Beer

A Milwaukee brewery featured prominently during the MLB Field of Dreams game in Iowa on Thursday night August 11.

Broken Bat Brewing Company has entered into an agreement to brew a corn-based beer at the Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, Iowa. Corn was harvested in November 2020 in the left field area.

The beer is called “Can of Corn”. It is a lighter beer. They call it a “stadium ale”. Everyone who buys it also receives a certificate of authenticity.

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The limited release marks the project’s second year for Broken Bat, and the marketing manager said it’s been a real hit, sparking interest nationwide. Broken Bat made the beer available to customers Thursday night in four-packs or individual cans at its Milwaukee tavern.

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Broken Bat was also the only brewer on site selling beer.

“How often do you get the chance to harvest the corn from an iconic movie that represents, I mean, two of America’s pastimes, baseball and beer?” said Tom Bond, Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re in the perfect city for that. We’re obviously crazy about baseball, and we’re crazy about beer here.”

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