Milwaukee Missionary Currie Visitor Center Serves Families in Need

After stepping in their place, a once struggling Milwaukee woman leads the way for others who need to be successful. Her goal is to provide others with resources that she has previously struggled to access. Now, with a few new projects, she hopes to reach even more members of the community.

“I really hope a place like this raises awareness that people in the community really care,” said Jessica Currie, Founder and Executive Director of Missionary Currie for Women and Children, Inc. “I’m excited. by this!”

With open arms, Jessica Currie opens her doors.

“If you ever have a dream, don’t give up,” Currie said.

Currie’s dream was born out of her own struggles.

“With me being a homeless teenage mom, also being a high school dropout, I really knew my mission was to help people who were in the same situation as me,” said Currie.

Currie launched her nonprofit in 2018. Now she is celebrating another milestone – the inauguration of her new visitor center earlier in October.

“People can come in and work on their resumes,” Currie said. “They can come and get a hot meal. They can come and get food. They can apply for benefits. They can take a shower if they need to.”

It also has a playroom for children.

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“They can work on their homework,” Currie said.

There is a donation room.

“These trash cans have shoes, and then too, this wall here has tons of shoes, breast pumps, tissues, toiletries, soap,” Currie said.

The facility also provides transitional housing for women and children.

“It means a lot because we grew up homeless and didn’t have much,” said Jecureon Currie, 12-year-old son of Jessica Currie.

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Currie’s own children, including 12-year-old Jecureon, give her a helping hand.

“To see her do all of this for us and for the people in the community is truly a blessing,” said Jecureon Currie.

Currie is also launching a pantry open to all.

“Different counties, different zip codes,” Currie said.

It’s quite an effort to take a walk she’s already taken, a little easier for the next person.

“Everyone teaches. Whatever we go through, God allows us to make a difference to someone else’s life,” said Currie.

To protect the privacy of those who use the Currie Visitor Center, we do not share her address. Community members wishing to access or volunteer should contact Missionary Currie by phone at 414-514-9868 or by email at [email protected]

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