Milwaukee mayor says he needs state help to fight reckless drivers

MILWAUKEE – The TMJ4 Project: Drive Safer is a joint effort of TMJ4 News and our community partners to combat reckless driving in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson spoke one-on-one with TMJ4’s Ryan Jenkins about the mayor’s STAND for Safer Streets plan. Johnson said the plan is just one piece of the puzzle in an effort to make Milwaukee’s roads safer for everyone.

STAND is an acronym. It stands for safe street design, traffic control, accountability, neighborhood engagement and demand progress.

It’s a plan the mayor put in place before he took official office and it coexists with several other initiatives (including Vision Zero) aimed at curbing reckless driving in the city.

“All of these things that we’re talking about line up and are included in the program. They’re just pieces of the overall strategy,” Johnson said.

The mayor said neighborhood engagement is an essential part of his plan.

“It’s a quality of life issue that affects people, so it’s incredibly important that neighbors and their voices are part of that,” Johnson said.

Milwaukeeans agree. On the corner of Sherman and Burleigh, a neighbor who goes only by the name of Mr Brown has expressed concern about driving in town.

“They are really here destroying the city and they are destroying everything here,” he said. “It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen stuff like this.”

Mayor Johnson is focused on updating city infrastructure and supporting law enforcement.

“Am I ready to have additional soldiers to stem this tide? Yeah, I am. Am I interested in having more TSU officers and more officers in general? Yeah, I am. It’s a Resource issue though and I need the State of Wisconsin to send additional resources to Milwaukee,” Johnson said.

It’s all part of an ongoing effort to curb reckless driving in Milwaukee.

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