Milwaukee company makes pickleball paddles for the world

MILWAUKEE – As the sport of pickleball continues to grow, a Milwaukee company is making sure the world has the equipment to play it.

ProLite Sports manufactures pickleball paddles that are sold and shipped all over the world.

Company owner Neil Friedenberg has enjoyed playing pickleball since he was a child. These days, he approaches the game from another side of the pitch.

“I fell in love with the sport, but on this side I took over in 2011 and my goal has been to make paddles for other backgrounds that people come from,” Friedenberg said.

Friedenburg said as pickleball grows in popularity, it’s important to recognize that styles of play will as well.

He explained that many people who play pickleball come from tennis, table tennis or racquetball.

For Friedenberg, it’s special to see his racquets made in Milwaukee shipped all over the world.

“Sport sells. It’s just a great sport,” Friedenberg said. “It adds years to your life. He saves lifes. Any age can play it, but having our paddles go from here to Singapore, Denmark or Finland, you name it – it’s amazing. It’s a bit beyond me. It’s above my head.

Deserae Brannin has been making some of the pickleball paddles at ProLite Sports for a year and a half.

“It really motivates me to make sure they look the best they can and have no flaws or anything, and it makes me proud to know that what I’m doing is there. -down,” Brannin said.

But Friedenberg said it wasn’t just about making paddles.

“Our brand is really about those recreational players all over the world. We care a lot about that and that’s our philosophy,” Friedenberg said. , our police officers, they can all be found on the ground.”

Friedenberg said the most important thing to him is that everyone playing has a good time. He said he believes the way someone approaches the game should reflect who they are as a person.

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