Milwaukee Bucks are 6-2 since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said they couldn’t win a championship


The Milwaukee Bucks are a team that has been through a lot of playoff trials over the past few seasons. Many analysts have viewed them as a regular season team due to their inability to advance to the NBA Finals. However, the Bucks ultimately rocked that reputation and they’re now one streak away from potentially winning a championship.

Milwaukee Bucks legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had suggested the Milwaukee Bucks couldn’t win a title in the past. Abdul-Jabbar had suggested that Kevin Durant would beat the Bucks in the Nets series.

Reddit user bendr316 has created a position it showed the Milwaukee Bucks were 6-2 since Abdul-Jabbar claimed they wouldn’t win a ring this season. Since Abdul-Jabbar’s statement, the Milwaukee Bucks have won two straight games against the Brooklyn Nets to win in the second round and then beat the Atlanta Hawks in 6 games.

The Bucks are now 4 championship wins away and have gone 6-2 since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said this Bucks team is not championship material and KD will kill these guys. It makes you feel like this is the ultimate version of “bulletin board hardware”.

While Kareem Abdul-Jabbar doubted this iteration of the Milwaukee Bucks, it looks like the Milwaukee Bucks have an opportunity to prove him wrong. They’ve already beaten Kevin Durant, but the Phoenix Suns are blocking their ring. Maybe the Bucks can win the championship and give the franchise their second ring.


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