Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich compares life as an MLB superstar to that of a military brother – ‘Will Take Your Bad Day, Every Day’

Many athletes call the sport a battle. Each day is a day spent facing the other team, and usually there is only one winner. But Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich had a completely different take on the subject when speaking on a podcast about the same thing. With the star hitter having a brother enrolled in the Marine Corps, Yelich explained that the two jobs couldn’t be more different. And while fairly obvious, the take was a breath of fresh air from a key member of MLB’s top players.

The Brewers are currently enjoying a healthy season atop the NL Central. With them on the heels of the 30-win mark, the Brewers will feel ready as the season kicks off. And with star hitter, Christian Yelich, who has recorded just five home runs and 21 RBIs so far, fans will be begging for more from the 2018 NL MVP. Although his playing record is sizable, Yelich has made waves with his new appearance on a podcast.


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Christian Yelich speaks out on the troops

Christian Yelich spoke about his brother serving in the Marine Corps and his experience from there. Said Yelich, “They are there in the field for 2 weeks. You dig a hole and live in it for two weeks. It’s your house.

Comparing this with his own experiences, it seemed like an unfair mismatch. A point that Yelich made enthusiastically. Said Yelich, “And I’m in the big leagues. You go 0-5 with a few strikeouts and check into your room at the Ritz-Carlton.


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Putting forward a rather blunt comparison, Yelich was straight up with his comparisons. Said Yelich, “Your brother is eating stuff out of a packet. And you’re going to say ‘Poor me! I had a bad day today!’

“No, because he and everyone with him will take your bad day, every day,” he said. Answer his own question. We are truly blessed to be able to live the life we ​​lead. Without being affected by the conflicts of the nature of war, perhaps we would do well to stop comparing the two as well.


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What do you think? Do you agree with Christian Yelich? Or do you think that’s an unfair comparison to make?

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