Mid-Way Bakery expands, transition from street vendor stalls

As 3rd Street Market Hall completes its first 8 months of business, vendors are making changes to improve efficiency and offerings.

Mid-Way Bakery – which has made a splash with homemade hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, homemade soups, salads and sweet treats – will expand its offerings to better meet demand from the growing food hall. popular.

The bakery is currently temporarily closed while the team works to gather the necessary details for the transition. But customers can expect the bakery to reopen with an expanded menu that includes more sandwich and entrée type items, as well as popular sweets including cream puffs, danishes, croissants, cookies and bars.

Meanwhile, changes are afoot among the hawker stalls, curated and run by the owner-operators of Dairyland and Mid-Way Bakery. The departure of Middle East Side, Amano Pan and Strega means diners can expect new concepts to open at these vendor stalls, likely by mid-September.

“I am very happy to see our Hawker Stall program continue to evolve and present different styles of kitchens,” notes Kurt Fogle. “Our desire to spin concepts further supports the idea that these are spaces intended to serve as an incubator for a concept before heading to market – this is a crucial step in forecasting the capacity of ‘a restaurant to succeed or simply to gain momentum.’

Among the new concepts on the way is a pretzel-based concept that will feature Bavarian-style soft pretzels as well as toppings, sauces and add-ons that customers can use to customize their own loaded snacks.

A brand new concept offering family-friendly Italian-American dishes will also be making its debut in the food hall in the coming weeks.

“I look forward to seeing this team’s efforts to expand Mid-Way’s menu while energizing the 3rd St. Market Hall experience with creative Hawker Stall concepts,” said Eric Kaye, General Manager of St. Market. Lobby.

“Food halls are meant to evolve and adapt to the needs (and wants) of the community in which they serve. I like what I see from our suppliers and their ability to combine creativity and consistency. This is how modern hospitality professionals should work.

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