Men’s basketball suffers first conference loss to Milwaukee – The Oakland Post

The Golden Grizzlies’ dominating six-game winning streak came to an end on Thursday, as the Milwaukee Panthers handed them a hard-to-swallow 88-78 loss.

The Golden Grizzlies started the game in a slump, trailing by six points after the opening minutes. They took matters into their own hands and took a fleeting lead before the Panthers came back strong, making this first half a matter of home and away competition.

The two teams continued to trade buckets until the Panthers began to pull back and establish a major lead, eventually maintaining a sizable 14-point lead by the end of the first half. Oakland came out of the second half and immediately started mounting their comeback with a three shot.

The Grizzlies came incredibly close to tying the game, but the Panthers began to chain offensive buckets and pull away yet again. The Golden Grizzlies were unable to catch up until the very end of the game, with the highest lead in the offensive playoff climbing to 16 points.

The game ended 88-78 as the Grizzlies tried to rally the offense and take the lead far too late. The Panthers simply outplayed the Grizzlies in almost every aspect of the game during the win. The only stats they lost against the Grizzlies were turnovers and fouls, but the overwhelming difference in all other stats would lead to victory.

The Panthers beat the Grizzlies in field goal and three-point shooting percentage [the Panthers shot 54% from the field versus the Grizzlies 31%, and 41% from three-point range versus the Grizzlies 25%]. The Panthers shot 100% from the free throw line, compared to 80% for the Grizzlies.

The Golden Grizzlies were also outplayed, picking up just 35 rebounds against the Panthers 43. They also lost the assist battle, picking up just 13 assists all game compared to 20 assists for the Panthers. The two positive stats for the Grizzlies, however, are that they only turned the ball over 10 times and forced the Panthers 17 turnovers. The Grizzlies also committed 15 fouls compared to the 21 fouls committed by the Panthers.

The win tied the season streak against the Golden Grizzlies for the Panthers, earning a payback against the Grizzlies for the loss they suffered on Jan. 9.

Head coach Greg Kampe took most of the blame.

“Yeah, it’s all my fault,” Kampe said. “The game plan was really bad. I outdid myself, I outdid everyone and our players suffered. So, I feel really bad for thinking I was so smart that I could change our game plan, and what we did didn’t work. It made us lethargic, we sat there and we were so bad offensively in the first half… but I’m so proud of the way they fought back, so proud of the way we came out in the second half .

The Golden Grizzlies will face the IUPUI Jaguars on Thursday, January 27 at 7 p.m. at the O’rena.

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