McDonald’s workers to hit 15 cities on May 19

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The fight for a battle for the $ 15 minimum wage will escalate on May 19, when McDonald’s cashiers and cooks in 15 U.S. cities strike ahead of the annual QSR brand shareholders meeting, according to Vice. The aim of the action in favor of employment is precisely to call on society to pay workers at least $ 15 an hour.

Nationally, a labor shortage in the restaurant industry is pushing brands to do more and perhaps pay more for their in-store staff. For example, some brands – including several McDonald’s franchisees – pay signing bonuses, interview incentives for posted jobs, and other incentives to recruit new employees.

Restaurant workers are a large contingent of the so-called Fight For $ 15 movement that seeks to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour – more than double the current rate of $ 7.25. On May 19, McDonald’s employees will quit their jobs in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, Flint, Kansas City, St. Louis, Houston, Milwaukee and other cities.

During an earnings call last month, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski and Chairman Joseph Erlinger hinted that a pay rise could be considered at least for company-owned stores, according to the Vice report. .

“I think one of the things that we think about … is in the restaurants in our company, how do we think about what the salaries and benefits should look like to make sure that we are able to get the people that we need, ”Kempczinski said.

“We are working on what some changes in our company’s restaurants might look like from a pay and compensation perspective,” Erlinger added.

During the strike next week, workers will also push McDonald’s to withdraw memberships from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the International Franchise Association (IRA), which workers say have spent more than $ 3.2 million dollars to pressure Congress against increasing the federal minimum wage since 2019. Workers attribute that number to federal lobbying reports.

In response to a question about QSRweb’s strike this morning, McDonald’s released this statement:

“Our first responsibility is to the hard-working restaurant team, and we respect and appreciate their dedication to serving millions of customers every day. Minimum wage setting is the responsibility of federal and local governments, and we are open to dialogue so that any changes meet the needs of thousands of hardworking restaurant workers and the 2,000 independent McDonald’s owners / operators who run small businesses. “

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