Kathleen Madigan, with a ranch side

“Comedy is a great escape,” shares Kathleen Madigan, saying it’s “like a movie or something, just out of the way of all the thoughts you don’t want to have.”

Madigan has delivered such an escape with enough insight and hilarity for over two decades to make it one of the most respected comics among its peers and fellow comedy enthusiasts. She exercises her gift of humor in Milwaukee during a date in her “Do you have a ranch with this?” Tour ”(she really likes dressing) at the Pabst Theater on Friday, October 8 for a show at 8 p.m.

The process by which she refines her material for maximum impact is no different now than when she first started being professionally funny. “I’m just more picky now with the garbage going through my head. And there is a parcel waste, which means funny to me but not to everyone, ”she observes. Madigan also directly on her impulse to enter the company in which she is now among its best representatives.

Make money

“Money. I was motivated by the fact that I could earn an extra $ 250 per week if I could animate with just 15 minutes. The bartender and waiters were much more picky,” she recalls. However, her bank account isn’t such a big motivation for Madigan to become one of those comedians who seek fame in multiple formats, so anyone who appreciates her sense of humor shouldn’t expect her to. practice outside the field in which it is best known.

“I have no patience to film anything. It’s brutally long, ”she explains, adding,“ if you ever see me in a movie or a sitcom, it was just a favor. It’s just not what I like, so I skipped all that and stuck with what I liked, ”Plus, she would rather go deeper with what she knows best. “I’m also a fan of being super good at one thing rather than being OK at a lot of things.”

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This dedication can keep her on the road for most of any given year. Among the compromises that her often itinerant lifestyle requires, the one she talks about first is dog company. “I still want a beagle but I have to wait until retirement,” says Madigan. But with that desire comes the understanding that she would however put her dog on. “You can’t have pets when you’re this away. Well, I could, but it wouldn’t be fair to the animal.

Irish American Family

She may not have a dog yet, but Madigan still has plenty of her Irish-American family to keep her grounded. They won’t let her get in the air either. As she says, “I have six siblings and a billion cousins. I think when there are so many kids you stay more normal because nobody really cares what you become until your behavior with them changes. If you do not act normally, they all definitely call you on that.

If her legacy is reflected in how she stays down to earth, she believes that also influences the humor her next Milwaukee audience will soon feel. She says of her stay in her ancestral homeland: “I have been to Ireland a million times. I have never been to any of their pubs and I have never heard any funny stuff. I think being able to tell a story is a profession, and they’re very, very good at it; and maybe it just happened to the Irish Americans.

Here Madigan is referring to her comedic colleague Lewis Black, their joint USO tour to entertain foreign troops, and her Roman Catholic upbringing, which is why she would make a terrible terrorist …

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06 October 2021

2:57 p.m.

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