Jury Selection Package for the Rittenhouse Case: WI Week In Review

MILWAUKEE, WI – Missed any stories in Wisconsin this week? Here are the best stories.

WI Senate bill would extend miners’ working day: 5 things to know

MILWAUKEE, WI – WI Senate Bill 332 would allow children under the age of 16 to work until 11 p.m. on certain nights, unless replaced by federal law. Read more.

Winter 2021 outlook: here’s what’s in store for Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI – The country’s official winter forecast calls for a warmer and wetter winter for Wisconsin. Here are the details. Read more.

Just under 900 COVID-19 patients in Wisconsin hospitals

MILWAUKEE, WI – The number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Wisconsin edged down in late October, but is still higher than the total reported in January. Read more.

Milwaukee County set to overtake 2020 homicides: medical examiner

MILWAUKEE, WI – The number of homicides in Milwaukee County is expected to exceed 2020, the county medical examiner said. Read more.

Major Harris was killed “at the same time as his mother”: the medical examiner

MILWAUKEE, WI – Harris was killed around the same time as his mother, Mallery Muenzenberger, the county medical examiner said. Read more.

Weekly COVID-19 vaccinations at WI at lowest level since January

MILWAUKEE, WI – Almost 18,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered to Wisconsinites during the week of October 17. About 11,000 injections were given during a week in January. Read more.

WI residents among kidnapped missionaries in Haiti

HAITITI – A Haitian gang leader has demanded ransom for 17 missionaries who were sent by Christian Aid Ministries, based in Ohio. Read more.

Milwaukee area recruits wanted for American Red Cross team

MILWAUKEE, WI – The American Red Cross in Wisconsin is looking for volunteers after helping more than 2,000 people in the Milwaukee area last year. Read more.

No wolf hunting license has yet been issued in the WI: DNR

MILWAUKEE, WI – The National Wildlife Agency said it is working on a state wolf management plan. Read more.

Wisconsin Wolf Hunt on lockdown after Dane County judge’s ruling

MADISON, WI – A judge has issued an injunction demanding that the Department of Natural Resources set the November wolf hunting quota at zero pending formal rules. Read more.

Hunger in Milwaukee County: Children and minorities hit hardest in 2020

MILWAUKEE, WI – While the country’s overall rate of food insecurity has remained the same in 2020, not everyone has fared as well as their neighbors, according to a new study. Read more.

Milwaukee among the 10 oldest apartment cities in the United States: RentCafe

MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee has been ranked as one of America’s best cities with livable apartments dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Read more.

Your dog against. A skunk: Milwaukee, how do you remove the smell?

MILWAUKEE, WI – It’s fall. Skunks are everywhere around Milwaukee. Tell us your “skunk vs. everyone” stories. How to get rid of the smell? Read more.

The Minnesota Zoo tested a vaccine against deer virus in the summer

MINNESOTA, WI – The Minnesota Zoo tested an epizootic hemorrhagic disease vaccine on its hoofed mammals this summer. Several cases have been confirmed in WI. Read more.

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