Jrue Holiday talks about giving back to the city of Milwaukee

Jrue Holiday became part of the Milwaukee Bucks franchise in 2020 via a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. While his on-court performance gave Milwaukee natives enough reason to love him, the 32-year-old has gone a step further in his philanthropic endeavors in the city.

Jrue and his wife, Lauren Holiday, have always had an affinity for giving back to their respective communities and continue to do so on a regular basis.

Holidays partners with Kohler Co.

The Holidays recently announced a new project, which was dreamed up while renovating their home. Lauren felt the need to provide local women’s shelters with some of the facilities they enjoy. To make this possible, the Holidays teamed up with the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation and the Kohler Co. to donate approximately $200,000. The fund would use the money for bathroom product upgrades and additional resources for shelter and domestic violence issues in Wisconsin.

“I think that’s kind of where we first connected with Kohler because we heard they were in Wisconsin and we introduced them,” said Jue. “I think being able to give back is a great thing, so a great company and a great company like Kohler – that was really what worked best for both of us and it ended up coming true.”

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The Sojourner Family Peace Center and Hope House in Milwaukee and the Women’s Center in Waukesha will be the first two organizations to receive physical upgrades.

Milwaukee fans love Jrue Holiday

Give back to Milwaukee

The initiative with Kohler Co. is not the point guard’s first project since moving to Milwaukee. When Jrue Holiday first arrived, the league entered a bubble due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and he was determined to do something to support affected businesses. The couple had recently established the Jrue and Lauren Holiday Social Impact Fund to support Black-owned nonprofits and small businesses. Some of these funds were also concentrated in Milwaukee.

“It was awesome,” Jrue spoke about the Wisconsin community. “I think they’re resilient. I think they’re trying to be transformational. Just the way of thinking, (keeping it) like it’s probably always been, sometimes isn’t right – so even being new in ideas and us who aren’t from Wisconsin coming in and giving ideas and suggestions and stuff have been…I mean they’ve really responded to it.

As accomplished athletes, Jrue and Lauren Holiday have been blessed with many privileges. They know where they are at in life and enjoy using their resources to give back to the community, regardless of where they live.

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