John Steinmiller had a lasting impact on the Bucks

MILWAUKEE – John Steinmiller has died at 73 after battling colon cancer.

Most Bucks fans probably weren’t even aware of everything he’s done behind the scenes in his 52 years with the franchise.

A proud graduate of Marquette University, I had the good fortune to see John in action during my 25 years of radio for the club.

At the time, his title was vice president of business operations for owner Herb Kohl.

The truth was that John was never too big for any task.

I regularly saw him cleaning the seats during changes at the Bradley Center after a Marquette or Admirals game.

He was a confidant to the coaches, but still fiercely loyal to the franchise.

Going back to his PR days, he often kept statistics for the TV broadcast with his good friends Jim Paschke and Jon McGlocklin. He was a team vice president who happily performed the chore.

He had a lasting impact on the Bucks, but I mourn his family, his wife and two children.

John Steinmiller will be remembered. No one will ever care or do more for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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