How Jevon Carter Became a Milwaukee Bucks Fan Favorite

Without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises for the Milwaukee Bucks this season has been the solid play of newcomer Jevon Carter.

When the defending champions signed the guard after his buyout from the Brooklyn Nets last month, the initial reaction from most Bucks fans was unenthusiastic, as Carter’s season had been tough up to that point. However, one person who was more than happy to welcome Carter was our very own Jake Maier, who penned down some reasons why the Bucks fandom should have loved the signing shortly after it was announced. After Carter’s first nine appearances with the team, it seems safe to say Maier was onto something.

Watch how Jevon Carter’s play turned him into a Milwaukee Bucks fan favorite

From the moment Carter first stepped on the floor against Brooklyn in Milwaukee‘s first game after the All-Star break, it was abundantly clear there was something special about him. He made an immediate impact defensively picking up opposing running backs and even forced an eight-second violation due to his persistence. Carter only played nine minutes, but his presence was definitely felt in that opener, and everyone wanted to know how he would be used going forward.

Since then, Carter has carved out a legitimate role with the Bucks. With George Hill sidelined for an extended period due to neck pain, Carter immediately took on backup point guard duties and proved to be a perfect fit. His defensive intensity has drawn comparisons to another former Bucks fan favorite in PJ Tucker, as Carter gives his all on that side of the ball every play. Having another strong defender like Carter has been a luxury for the Bucks until now. now, because having him gives head coach Mike Budenholzer a player to use in the minutes when Jrue Holiday catches his breath. He was never shy about guarding the opposing team’s best backyard players, often picking them up from the full length of the floor.

Although Carter always had a defensive reputation dating back to his college days, he was never known for his offense. However, since arriving in Milwaukee, his game in this regard has reached new heights. Over those nine games, Carter is averaging a career-high 5.6 points while dishing out a career-high 1.8 assists per game. His tally came as a welcome surprise as he gave the team a much-needed spark off the bench, mainly due to his three-man shot. Carter has shot a scorching 14-of-24 (58.3%) from 3-point range with the Bucks so far, having turned into a reliable perimeter threat for a team that relies heavily on their outside shooting.

Whether it’s his defensive intensity, his sweet offensive shot, or simply the energy he brings to the ground every time he checks in, Carter’s contributors were felt early on. He won over the fanbase early on, and it looks like the 26-year-old will be a key contributor over time and in the playoffs this season. Fans latched onto the mid-season pickup, and hopefully this is just the start of something special for him in Milwaukee. As things stand, the Bucks may have found another hidden gem.

Stay tuned to find out how Jevon Carter’s story continues to unfold with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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