Dr George Korkos, Greek-American founder of Milwaukee Bucks, dies

George Korkos of Milwaukee Bucks passes away
Dr George Korkos. Credit: Greek Reporter

Renowned plastic surgeon and Greek-American co-founder of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise Dr. George Korkos passed away on Friday, May 28.

“Before Giannis [Antetokounmpo] there was another Greek. It was me, Dr George Korkos, ”the founding owner of Milwaukee Bucks told the Greek Reporter with a big smile on his face as he showed off the NBA championship ring he still wore proudly nearly five decades after his team had taken off. won the NBA title.

Korkos, a proud Greek-American, led the Bucks when the club wrote the most glorious page in its history by winning the 71 Championship, thanks in large part to Kareem Abdul Jabaar, whom he describes as “probably the best basketball player who ever lived ”, as well as Oscar Robertson.

The Milwaukee Bucks – with these two stars and a talented cast of role players – would win 66 regular season games in the 1970-71 season and advance to the Championship, winning 12 of 14 playoff games, including a 4- sweep. 0. Baltimore bullets.

Basketball experts consider the Bucks team to be one of the most dominant in NBA history.

Dr George Korkos: basketball fanatic and plastic surgeon

Korkos, who was a successful plastic surgeon, described himself as a “sports fanatic” and always mentioned that due to his height of 5’6 “(1.67m), he could not play golf himself. professional basketball. “I wasn’t even old enough to coach, but I loved the sport,” he said.

With his childish enthusiasm for the game, he was among those who helped acquire the Milwaukee Bucks franchise on January 22, 1968. “We were fortunate to get this franchise. And we got it through perseverance… Once we got it, we were ‘green’, but we were growing, ”Korkos told the Greek Reporter.

“Giannis has to do what we have to do. He must bring another championship to Milwaukee! Korkos said enthusiastically.

“I am 100% Greek, Greek-American”

Korkos’ parents were born in the Peloponnese Peninsula, his father near Patras, and his mother in Sparta. His Greek roots and his love for Hellenism prompted him to co-found Hellenic National Society, an association of Greek-American leaders, visionaries and philanthropists who perpetuate and celebrate their homeland’s rich heritage in multiple ways.

Dr George Korkos
Dr George Korkos at a National Hellenic Society event. Credit: NHS

Through the support of programs that promote the preservation of Hellenic heritage in the United States, the National Hellenic Society strives to be a beacon for the promotion, understanding and appreciation of Hellenic heritage in the United States.

The Company’s mission is also to pass on the management of Greek heritage and shared democratic values ​​and ideals to the next generation.

Dr George Korkos sits on prominent medical boards

Dr Korkos had served as president of both Plastic Surgery Associates and Rejuva Skin Care & Laser Center, and was also a clinical associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

He has been a Director of Fibrocell Science, Inc. since July 2010 and a member of the Advisory Board of Skinvisible Inc. He has also served on the Scientific Advisory Board of Cellgen Company, Sleep Holding Company and Skin Visible. Company.

Asked about regrets in life, the late Greek-American said in his last interview with GR:

“If you asked me ‘George, what would you do if you started over?’ I would answer that I would not change my lifestyle at all. I love people, I take care of them… Fortunately, we Greeks are lucky! Korkos said.

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