Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin funds nonprofits that help refugees

WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Many businesses, churches, individuals and nonprofits have come together to make the transition as easy as possible for refugees settling in north-central Wisconsin with the help of the Community Foundation. Local groups organized clothing drives and other events to welcome the refugees.

The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin helps organizations find funds to continue their refugee efforts. They also educate the community.

The CEO and President of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin asked the public to get involved.

“It’s a request for the community to be a part of this effort and to do it as well as possible and to learn from our history and to do it better every time,” Tim Parker, President and CEO of Community Foundation.

He was referring to decades ago when Hmong refugees joined the community of Wausau. He said Wausau is a good place to settle for refugees because Wausau has the resources that refugees need.

The Community Foundation and the New Beginnings for Refugees charity will be hosting a community education roundtable open to anyone interested in learning more about the refugee resettlement program on October 7. Click here for more information.

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