City of Milwaukee Department of Development: Mayor Cavalier Johnson Signs Resolution to Advance Homes MKE Initiative

MILWAUKEE – Following unanimous approval by the Milwaukee City Council, Mayor Cavalier Johnson signed Docket #220656, a resolution selecting development teams for the Homes MKE initiative that will renovate vacant city-owned residential properties in Milwaukee.

The resolution also authorizes property sales to selected development teams, as well as housing rehabilitation and labor grants that will be deployed to carry out this new initiative and help build stronger neighborhoods throughout. the city.

“Growing up in Milwaukee, I experienced the effects of housing insecurity as many residents and families currently do. It’s personal to me, so I’m proud to work with the Milwaukee Common Council and our partners at development to roll out the Homes MKE initiative and revitalize vacant residential properties into renovated homes,” said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson. “That’s the power of full-screen partnerships. Together, we’re building stronger neighborhoods, promoting homeownership, and working to ensure that every Milwaukee resident has access to the quality, affordable housing they need.

The selected development teams are a mix of emerging developers, for-profit developers, and non-profit developers. They include: Acts Community Development, Advanced Investors, FIT Investment Group, LLC/Westcare Wisconsin, Inc., Maures Development Group, One 5 Olive/Milwaukee Community Land Trust, Rico Love Foundation LLC/Mayfield Properties, Strong Blocks, CME Development, LLC , Even Life, Inc., Ezekiel Community Development, Metcalfe Park Community Bridges, Servant Manor, TAS Solutions, LLC, Walnut Way Conservation Corp./Silicon Pastures II, LLC and Walters Renovations, LLC.

Through a competitive RFP process, these development teams were selected to work with the Department of City Development (DCD) and community partners to renovate vacant city-owned residential properties in Milwaukee. DCD will now execute development agreements with the selected teams and begin the implementation of Homes MKE.

In 2021, Mayor Cavalier Johnson and members of the Milwaukee Common Council allocated $15 million in federal grants US Bailout Act DCD funding for the Homes MKE program. This effort will renovate vacant homes in the City’s inventory of foreclosed residential properties and restore them to productive use.

The objectives of Homes MKE are to:

  • Sell, renovate and reoccupy a minimum of 150 vacant City-owned and foreclosed homes;
  • Prioritize housing development to provide homeownership opportunities for City residents;
  • Coordinate redevelopment efforts that positively impact the surrounding neighborhood;
  • Provide construction and employment opportunities;
  • Provide development opportunities to emerging developers; and
  • Work with local residents to provide housing and resource opportunities in neighborhoods where Homes MKE properties are located.

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