Children Tell Scary Stories in First Stage Online Drama

First Stage Celebrates Friendship and Storytelling in Extremely Concise Free Half-Hour Online Drama The story of La Llorona told by Consuelo Chavez. Directed by David Flores, the drama is presented by Zach Church as the Rod Serling-inspired narrator who sets the tone. Six middle school kids are lounging indoors on a rainy Halloween night. They’re all going to high school next year. The rain prompts them to confront the meaning of the moment through tales of haunting traditional stories drawn from ancient folklore. Children tell tales of the chupacabra to monstrous sirens and more, culminating in the Latin American tale of La Lorna: the weeping ghost who mourns the murder of his own children.

Playwright José Casas weaves a tight, low-drama narrative that pays homage to the stories that connect people and cultures in the face of personal and societal changes. The script allows six young actors to work with a variety of different moods. Flores has done a really good job of putting an ensemble together into a cohesive group of characters, each with their own distinct personality. These are all individual characters who tell individual stories, but Flores made sure that there was a really solid working dynamic between six people who have known each other for the first year.

Costume coordinator Lyndsey Kuhlmann brings a troupe of trick-or-treaters up on stage with iconic costumes, including a Wonder Woman, a Will Ferrell-style elf, a basketball player and more. Casas’ screenplay triumphs in a drama with haunting resonance. The cast is articulated quite well with the scenario, anchored by the force of Stéphanie Santoyo-Bustos in the title role of Consuelo.

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First stage The story of La Llorona told by Consuelo Chavez is available for free on the First Stage YouTube channel until December 5. For more information, see the First Stage Enrichment Guide online.

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