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WISCONSIN – Everyone knows Wisconsin for the cheese, the beer and the kids. Check out these kitsch roadside attractions that will only expand your love of the dairy state.

1. The biggest fish in the world – Hayward

The tallest building in the town of Hayward is a giant fiberglass musk, also known as the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. The muskellunge is four and a half stories tall and as long as a Boeing 757. Guests can enter through the muskie’s tail and walk to the viewing platform in the fish’s open jaw.

Insider tip: Fish the 88,000 gallon pond under the muskellunge.

2. Al Johnson’s goats on the roof – Sister berry

Goats grazing on the thatched roof of Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant have been turning heads and attracting tourists for decades. These goats have earned celebrity status at this popular Door County destination with their own online “Goat Cam” and a “Roofing of the Goats” parade in June.

Insider tip: order Swedish pancakes; they are the second most famous thing about this authentic Scandinavian restaurant.

Wi - elephant trip

3. Pinkie the elephant – Deforestation

Travelers on I-90/94 needing gas should exit at Freeway V to find Pinkie the Pink Elephant at the nearby Shell station. This giant fiberglass sculpture, adorned with black rimmed hipster glasses, is hard to miss. What started out as a way to get customers to the gas station has grown into the perfect place for selfies.

Insider tip: Treat yourself to a super delicious piece of pie at Norske Nook Restaurant, just five miles away.

Travel Wi - pack of 6

4. The largest six-pack in the world – The cross

The world’s largest six-pack is actually a set of metal beer tanks built in 1969 by the G. Heileman Brewing Company (the original Old Style brewer) for stock storage. Now owned by City Brewery and redesigned to look like a six-pack La Crosse Lager, they hold the equivalent of 7,340,796 cans of beer.

Insider tip: Head south on WI-35 to the National Brewery Museum in Potosi for the world’s largest can of beer. He is over 40 feet tall.

Travel Wi - Cheese Castle

5. Fromage de Mars Castle – Kenosha

In a state where cheese is king, it makes perfect sense to keep it in a castle. Welcome to Mars Cheese Castle, conveniently located on the Illinois-Wisconsin border for stocking up on artisan cheese and bags of cheese curds for the road.

Insider tip: Pick up a Danish kringle, an official Wisconsin pastry, flaky, fruit or nutty.

Wi - loonie trip

6. The biggest talking loon in the world – Mercier

Her name is Claire d’Loon and she has a fabulous voice and great stage presence (at 16 feet tall and 2,000 pounds). This lovely lady is the biggest talking loonie in the world and although she only speaks with loon sounds, she is happy to oblige any tourist / paparazzi who want a photo.

Insider tip: Rent a canoe and paddle the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage to spot a real loon.

Travel Wi - Sputnik

7. Sputnik crash site – Manitowoc

September 6, 1962 changed the course of Manitowoc history when a 20-pound piece of Sputnik IV crashed in the middle of Main Street. To celebrate this strange twist of fate, the city preserved the crash site and rescued space debris in the nearby Rahr-West Art Museum.

Insider Tip: Plan your visit in September during the annual Sputnikfest, which honors the moment space collided with Manitowoc.

Travel with a penny

8. The biggest penny in the world – Woodruff

At 15 feet tall, 12 inches thick, and nearly 9 tons in weight, the world’s tallest penny maintains a pride of place in the tiny Woodruff. The concrete coin commemorates a 1953 fundraiser designed by Dr Kate Pelham Newcomb, who challenged local school children to save their pennies to build a hospital. The news spread across the country and ultimately raised 1.7 million cents. Who would have thought that you could build a hospital with coins?

Insider tip: Visit the Dr. Kate Museum to find out all about it.

Wi - Roche trip

9. Rock in the house – City Fountain

Rock in the House is exactly what it says. The 55-ton boulder rolled down a hill on April 24, 1995 and got stuck in the master bedroom of the house, where it is today. A savvy local real estate agent bought the house and turned it into a one-of-a-kind open house.

Insider tip: Not to be confused with House on the Rock in Spring Green, another famous architectural gem with eclectic collections to discover.

Voyager Wi-M

10. The biggest M in the world – Platteville

If you’ve always wanted to stand next to the famous Hollywood sign above Los Angeles, then you might want to consider a trip to Platte Mound to see the world’s tallest M. The M was created by students of the former Wisconsin Mining School, now known as the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, so the “M.” You can see the letter 241 feet by 214 feet almost 30 miles away.

Insider tip: Put on a hard hat and take an underground tour of the 1845 Bevans lead mine at the Rollo Jamison Mining Museum.

Travel Wi - Forevertron

11. Dr Evermor’s Forevertron – North Liberty

Behind the salvage business in this small community is an art brut collection created by a certain Dr Evermor (yes, he’s a real person). Old pieces and salvaged concert pieces were the inspiration for his sculpture garden. The centerpiece? Forevertron, a 400-ton, 50-foot scrap sculpture often recognized as the tallest in the world.

Insider tip: Hike near Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo for a selfie with the natural rock carvings of the quartzite cliffs.

Travel Wi - Bikin

12. “Ben Bikin”, the greatest cyclist in the world – Sparta

To mark its claim as America’s cycling capital, Sparta proudly displays “Ben Bikin” aka “Big Ben” – the world’s greatest cyclist – at the entrance to the city. The 32-foot tall Victorian-era cyclist comes with a speakerphone at the base to hear “Ben” providing an audio story of Sparta.

Insider Tip: Bring your bike and hike the Elroy-Sparta State Trail, the country’s first rail-to-trail conversion.

Wi Travel - Concrete

13. Concrete park – Phillips

After retiring in his 60s, Fred Smith decided to commemorate his experience as a lumberjack, tavern owner, farmer and dance hall musician by adding another title to his name – artist. Without any training, Smith created Concrete Park, a unique folk art exhibit made up of some 200 hand-made sculptures from all kinds of materials.

Insider tip: Enjoy the views from the watchtower atop Timms Hill, the highest natural point in the state.

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CDC awards more than $ 30 million in funding to Wisconsin DHS to fight health disparities linked to COVID-19 | WFRV Local 5 http://catch22mke.com/cdc-awards-more-than-30-million-in-funding-to-wisconsin-dhs-to-fight-health-disparities-linked-to-covid-19-wfrv-local-5/ http://catch22mke.com/cdc-awards-more-than-30-million-in-funding-to-wisconsin-dhs-to-fight-health-disparities-linked-to-covid-19-wfrv-local-5/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:42:37 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/cdc-awards-more-than-30-million-in-funding-to-wisconsin-dhs-to-fight-health-disparities-linked-to-covid-19-wfrv-local-5/

(WFRV) – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the City of Milwaukee Health Department more than 30,000,000 to address health disparities related to COVID-19.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, $ 33,824,278 has been allocated to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the City of Milwaukee Department of Health to improve the health status of underserved communities and affected by COVID-19 to improve health. equity.

Officials say the funding was part of a $ 2.25 billion national investment and that it is the CDC’s largest investment to date to improve health equity in the States. United. “These grants demonstrate our unwavering commitment to keeping fairness at the center of everything we do,” said CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH. “They are an important step in our continued efforts to strengthen the preparedness of our communities for public health emergencies and to help everyone in America have a level playing field in health.”

Health officials say the expected results of these grants are as follows:

  • Reduce health disparities linked to COVID-19.
  • Improve and increase testing and contact tracing among most at risk and underserved populations, including racial and ethnic minority groups and people living in rural communities.
  • Improve the capacity and services of state, local, territorial and freely associated departments of health to prevent and control COVID-19 infection

“The pandemic has exposed long-standing health inequalities, and health services are at the forefront of efforts to address these inequalities,” said José T. Montero, MD, director of the Center for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support from the CDC. “These grants will provide these health services with much-needed support to address the disparities in the communities that need them most.” “

State, local and territorial health services that receive the grants can be found here.

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Wisconsin Initiative Offers ‘Something Special’ For Dad While Supporting Local Businesses http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-initiative-offers-something-special-for-dad-while-supporting-local-businesses/ http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-initiative-offers-something-special-for-dad-while-supporting-local-businesses/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 00:47:00 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-initiative-offers-something-special-for-dad-while-supporting-local-businesses/

MADISON, Wisconsin (WKBT) – Wisconsin‘s Something Special program is offering a new round of “Boxes of Fun” to deliver unique Father’s Day gifts and support Badger State businesses at the same time.
Father’s Day boxes, priced from $ 39 to $ 89, are available in six varieties: Snack Box, Pamper Him, Father’s Day All Day, Spice It Up !, He Loves Sweets, and Morning Madness.
The boxes contain a variety of Something Special products from Wisconsin member companies, such as Slide Gourmet chips, Ugly Apple Café, Addicting Pretzels, Palo Popcorn, Honestly Cranberry and more.
Since 1983, the branding program has provided consumers around the world with a brand identity for premium Wisconsin products. The distinctive logo brings recognition and credibility to state enterprises.
“Supporting Wisconsin businesses is more important than ever, and Something Special from Wisconsin is just one way to get there,” said Lois Federman, program director for the Department of Agriculture, Commerce and of Consumer Protection of Wisconsin.

The initiative features products from nearly 500 Wisconsin businesses, ranging from small to large, including some that have been in families for generations and others whose owners are making their dreams come true.
Boxes can be purchased online via Christine’s Kitchens, SSfW member.

Orders must be placed by midnight Monday June 14, to be delivered in time for Father’s Day, June 20. The prices of the boxes do not include shipping costs. Boxes can be shipped to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois for $ 10. Anywhere else in the continental United States, the price is $ 25.
More information about the program is available on the Something special website.

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Heat and humidity keep a grip on Wisconsin http://catch22mke.com/heat-and-humidity-keep-a-grip-on-wisconsin/ http://catch22mke.com/heat-and-humidity-keep-a-grip-on-wisconsin/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:43:34 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/heat-and-humidity-keep-a-grip-on-wisconsin/

Hope you stay as cool and comfortable as possible during this scorching time of weather! We tied the record for low hot temperatures of 70 degrees in Wausau on Tuesday morning and set a record Tuesday afternoon of at least 93 degrees. We’ll have to endure several more days of heat before it gets a little cooler and less humid this weekend early next week.

One-off showers and thunderstorms are possible Tuesday evening. A few could have decent showers. The weather is expected to be partly cloudy, otherwise with lows of the mid to mid 60s overall. Winds will be light from the southeast.

Wednesday and Thursday are shaping up to be mostly dry, although we still cannot rule out some very isolated showers in the afternoon. Temperatures will remain fairly consistent with highs mostly in the 80’s above 90’s lows. The wind is forecast to be southeast at 5-10 mph Wednesday and south-southwest at 5-10 mph Thursday.

An upper level disturbance will grow on Friday from the northern plains. It will also bring a cold front by Friday night. These characteristics will bring more clouds with a good chance of multiple periods of downpours and thunderstorms (at least 50% chance). Hopefully we will see a little more rainfall amounts of 0.10 to 0.50 inches in the area. Rain is expected to end early Saturday morning as the front moves away to the southeast. Friday will always be tacky with highs in the mid-80s.

A little cooler and less humid air will seep in for the weekend. The lows could drop to 63 on Saturday and 58 on Sunday morning. The highs should be in the 80s or so. We expect falling clouds on Saturday and lots of sun on Sunday. All in all, this should be a great early summer weekend for all of your activities!

It will stay on the cooler side early next week with highs in the upper 70s on Monday and Tuesday. Right now it looks partly cloudy with just a slight chance of a shower here and there.

Tuesday morning Pollen Report: Tree – low 11, Grass – moderate 7

Have a good evening! Meteorologist Tony Schumacher, 2:40 p.m., June 8, 2021

* On this date in the weather history:

1953 – The worst tornado on record for the state of Michigan killed 116 people. Flint MI was hit the hardest. The half-mile-wide tornado destroyed 200 homes on Coldwater Road, killing entire families. (The weather channel)

1966 – A tornado ravaged the heart of the capital of Topeka KS, killing sixteen people and causing $ 100 million in damage. The tornado, which struck during the evening, cut through a nearly total streak of destruction eight miles long and four blocks wide. It was the most destructive tornado on record until that time. (David Ludlum)

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EPA: PolyMet “may affect” Fond du Lac Band and Wisconsin waters http://catch22mke.com/epa-polymet-may-affect-fond-du-lac-band-and-wisconsin-waters/ http://catch22mke.com/epa-polymet-may-affect-fond-du-lac-band-and-wisconsin-waters/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 23:30:00 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/epa-polymet-may-affect-fond-du-lac-band-and-wisconsin-waters/

After a 90-day review, the United States Environmental Protection Agency on Friday gave the official notification “may affect” to the Fond du Lac band of Lake Superior Chippewa and Wisconsin. Now, the tribe and state have an opportunity to oppose the project’s Section 404 permit, which allows PolyMet to dump dredged and fill material into more than 900 acres of wetlands.

Such a hearing would allow the parties to present their positions, the public to provide comments and the EPA to submit its “assessment and recommendations” on the objection, the EPA said on its website Friday. The Army Corps would then determine whether it should modify the permit to meet water standards or, if the conditions cannot be met, not issue the permit at all, the EPA said.

“EPA advises you that the discharge associated with this proposed permit may affect the water quality of the Fond du Lac strip of Lake Superior Chippewa (the strip), including the Saint-Louis River. The EPA has not determined that this project will affect the quality of the waters of the strip, ”said Tera Fond, director of the EPA’s water division, in a letter to Fond du Lac president Kevin Dupuis.

PolyMet is offered near Babbitt and Hoyt lakes, 70 miles upstream from the Fond du Lac reserve, and in the watershed of the Saint-Louis River. The St. Louis River also forms the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, from the edge of Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton to the port of Duluth-Superior.


The gang is concerned that the potential pollution of PolyMet, namely sulphides and mercury, could damage their wild rice and other resources.

Fond du Lac sued the EPA because the agency never informed the band if the project “could affect” its waters. The Band argued that it should have been because under the Clean Water Act the Band is considered a state and was entitled to the same type of notice and objection process.

A federal judge, and later the Office of the Inspector General of the EPA, agreed.

The “may affect” review stems from a federal judge’s ruling in February who said “the EPA has a legal obligation to make a ‘may affect’ decision.” As a result, the EPA voluntarily filed a motion, later granted by the court, to give it 90 days to determine the potential effects.

At the request of the EPA, the Army Corps also suspended the discharge permit in March pending the EPA’s “may affect” decision.

Fond du Lac spokeswoman Rita Karppinen said on Monday the group was “happy” with the EPA’s decision.

“The ruling validates the band’s position, which led to federal litigation against the EPA, that it should have been given notice in early 2018 under the Clean Water Act so that the band had the opportunity to s ‘oppose the issuance of PolyMet’s license under section 404. ”says Karppinen. “The band now has this opportunity and will fully participate and exercise their rights throughout the administrative process.”

In a press release on Friday, PolyMet said it disagreed with the EPA’s findings but would argue at the hearing “likely” that downstream communities would not be affected. .

“I find it difficult to understand how our treated water can meet water quality standards at the point of discharge and in other downstream communities closer to the project site, and in fact reduce the overall mercury load. in the river, but somehow “may affect” the water in places more than 100 river miles downstream, “said Jon Cherry, President, President and CEO.

Several other PolyMet licenses remain on hold amid numerous legal challenges to the project.

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Wisconsin startups innovate to solve supply chain problems http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-startups-innovate-to-solve-supply-chain-problems/ http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-startups-innovate-to-solve-supply-chain-problems/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 08:01:03 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-startups-innovate-to-solve-supply-chain-problems/

Emerging Wisconsin businesses are stabilizing supply chains with new technologies that are shaping the way businesses view transportation ecosystems today and in the post-pandemic COVID-19 world. The products offered by these companies involve an advanced transport network …

Emerging companies in Wisconsin are stabilizing supply chains with new technologies that are shaping the way businesses view transportation ecosystems today and in the post-pandemic COVID-19 world.

The products offered by these companies involve advanced transportation network mapping, end-to-end visibility into shipments, and an e-commerce platform that digitizes supply and demand.

The frequency with which supply chains are now disrupted is pushing companies to seek agile transport and logistics solutions. The fragile and complex nature of global supply chains was also exposed during the pandemic, underscoring the value companies place on supply chain visibility and transparency.

Breakthrough, a Green Bay-based transportation and energy management company, is one of the leading companies in logistics innovation. Breakthrough was named one of Fast Company’s ’10 Most Innovative Logistics Companies of 2021′ for its technology that migrates old trucking contracts to a new digital and data-driven platform.

The needs of transportation professionals evolve and products that allow businesses to keep pace with changing transportation ecosystems must be compatible with technology, said Heather Mueller, COO at Breakthrough.

Events that previously had to happen once in a career now happen more frequently, said Mueller, who cited the Colonial Pipeline hack and the coronavirus pandemic as examples. These events created volatility in freight rates and also brought uncertainty to fuel prices, she added.

“The need for truly agile solutions has increased dramatically and this has sparked a certain focus on our solution,” said Mueller.

In 2020, Breakthrough launched its Network Intelligence System, which allows shippers to hire their contracted carriers to add or remove partners as needed. During the pandemic, Breakthrough’s solution helped move trucks from slowed-down businesses to carriers that experienced increased pandemic demand.

The company’s Felix dashboard contains thousands of data points on trucking companies, allowing customers to choose potential partners based on cost, speed and quantity. Network Intelligence also provides operators with artificial intelligence recommendations based on their priorities.

“This data can be aggregated to show shippers what truck supply and demand patterns look like and where freight is peaking and troughing,” Mueller said.

Shippers are familiar with major carriers like Schneider National and Werner Enterprise. But shippers don’t have information on the country’s thousands of carriers with much smaller fleets, Mueller said.

“The Felix platform is able to understand where these regional carrier partners are located, what their operations look like and serves them as potential partners and good solutions for shippers,” said Mueller.

Unlike other platforms, Breakthrough connects shippers and carriers to establish their own direct relationship rather than acting as a “go-between”, providing a level of transparency shippers have never experienced before, Mueller said. .

“This creates more lasting relationships between shippers and partner carriers, leverages data from the global transportation ecosystem both in terms of capacity and price to make these solutions possible,” Mueller said.

Consumer behavior during the pandemic also had an impact on the transportation ecosystem. Online grocery shopping, for example, is a trend that requires a different strategy for transportation, especially for the last mile.

Consumers have enjoyed the convenience of shopping online, so Mueller expects this trend to continue. However, the seasonal big-box retail patterns of products like paper, food or back-to-school merchandise have changed, and it’s unclear what they will look like after the pandemic, Mueller said.

Regardless of how consumer behavior changes, Mueller expects high levels of transportation for the foreseeable future and that businesses will need innovative solutions to keep pace.

“We’re still not in a period of what I would consider a ‘new normal’, we’re still having some impact on what the pandemic lifestyle was like,” Mueller said. “Certainly, I think there will be a settlement.”

Breakthrough isn’t the only northern Wisconsin company to bring stability to supply chains. Los Angeles-based e-commerce startup ChemDirect recently moved its headquarters to Green Bay following an investment from Titletown Tech, a venture capital fund and tech hub in Green Bay.

ChemDirect is a start-up that has developed an online marketplace for the chemical industry. The platform allows companies to buy and sell chemicals such as methanol and acetonitrile and other products, including hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and personal protective equipment.

ChemDirect offers valuable information about its products, including purity, quality, form, and supplier information so that buyers can make more informed decisions.

The startup also manages transactions by collecting payments from buyers and paying suppliers after product delivery, ensuring security and transparency for all parties.

ChemDirect CEO and Founder Tyler Ellison launched the company in 2019 to address supply chain issues in the specialty chemicals industry.

Ellison, the former CEO of specialty chemicals maker Nova Molecular Technologies, said the industry had two major problems: Manufacturers did not have their customers’ data, and customers were forced to buy chemicals from there. blindly with distributors.

Ellison says he developed ChemDirect because the $ 5,000 billion specialty chemicals industry lacked transparency, which impacts both supply and demand. The company says a 20-week supply chain is now reduced to one week with ChemDirect’s e-commerce platform.

“Solving big problems leads to big value creation,” Ellison said in a statement. “The digitization of supply and demand will usher in a new era of transparency, resulting in informed decisions, a better economy and an option for manufacturers and buyers. “

In Milwaukee, smart packaging startup PAXAFE is gaining momentum and recently raised $ 2.25 million in a seed funding round led by Palo Alto-based venture capital firm Ubiquity Ventures.

PAXAFE offers a software and hardware platform that enables predictive routing, arrival time and adverse event prediction for B2B shipments. The company said it will use the capital to accelerate the rollout of its business platform to more customers and strengthen its AI-powered prediction models.

Using the platform, a shipper locks their high-value item in their package, and an online portal linked to a barcode on the package includes shipping information. The recipient can track the location of the package and see if it has been dropped off using the portal.

While other solutions on the market alert stakeholders to a problem with their shipment, the PAXEFE platform informs the parties of the “how” and why ”of the problem.

“Without accurate and automated diagnosis, B2B shippers find it virtually impossible to create accurate and consistent prediction models that help mitigate supply chain risks on future shipments,” the company said. .

PAXAFE co-founders Ilya Preston and Ashok Seetharam combined their experience – Preston in supply chain and Seetharam in hardware – to launch the company in 2018. They moved the company’s headquarters from Minnesota to Milwaukee in 2019 after completing the gener8tor accelerator program.

Over the past six months, PAXAFE said it has launched a series of paid pilot projects with companies from a variety of industries, including healthcare, perishables, oil and gas, logistics, manufacturing, jewelry and the insurance. The company also recently launched its commercial version of its platform, converting some of its pilot customers into business partners.

“Supply chain visibility has brought us here today, but contextualization is the future,” Preston said in a statement. “This new funding will allow us to expand our team with people who are passionate about our mission to redefine supply chain risk management. “

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Former Wisconsin legend featured on CFB 2022 Hall of Fame ballot http://catch22mke.com/former-wisconsin-legend-featured-on-cfb-2022-hall-of-fame-ballot/ http://catch22mke.com/former-wisconsin-legend-featured-on-cfb-2022-hall-of-fame-ballot/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 18:01:00 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/former-wisconsin-legend-featured-on-cfb-2022-hall-of-fame-ballot/

Wisconsin Badger legend, former NFL All-Pro and current NFL Active Player Development Vice President Troy Vincent is on the 2022 College Football Hall of Fame ballot.

Vincent’s football career is about as long as his list of accolades.

He was a member of America’s first all-star team at Wisconsin in 1991, a two-time All-Big Ten selection, Big Ten Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 1991 and is the all-time leader of Wisconsin in terms of yards and passes defended by punt return.

The former Badger then played in the NFL for 15 years, including eight with the Philadelphia Eagles. Those years in Philadelphia included five Pro Bowls and a First-Team All-Pro selection.

After his retirement, Vincent became president of the NFL Players Association and has since held an important role in the NFL office.

The Wisconsin legend seeks to be the twelfth former badger to be elected to the Sports Hall of Fame.

Contact Us / Follow Us @TheBadgersWire on Twitter, and like our page on Facebook to follow ongoing coverage of Wisconsin news, notes, opinions and analysis.

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Hidden pipes for scavenger hunt force Wisconsin park to close http://catch22mke.com/hidden-pipes-for-scavenger-hunt-force-wisconsin-park-to-close/ http://catch22mke.com/hidden-pipes-for-scavenger-hunt-force-wisconsin-park-to-close/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 00:12:00 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/hidden-pipes-for-scavenger-hunt-force-wisconsin-park-to-close/

A woman could be charged after hiding pipes in Regner Park in West Bend, <a class=Wisconsin, forcing a bomb squad to clear the area, police said. Photo by West Bend Police Department.” title=”A woman could be charged after hiding pipes in Regner Park in West Bend, Wisconsin, forcing a bomb squad to clear the area, police said. Photo by West Bend Police Department.” loading=”lazy”/>

A woman could be charged after hiding pipes in Regner Park in West Bend, Wisconsin, forcing a bomb squad to clear the area, police said. Photo by West Bend Police Department.

A summer concert series in Wisconsin was about to kick off when organizers made a disturbing discovery.

What seemed to be homemade bombs had been hidden near the Regner Park entertainment area in West Bend, a town of about 32,000 people north of Milwaukee.

In less than two hours, they expected a large crowd to descend on the to park Thursday for an evening of music, food and drink for Regner Rocks.

The Milwaukee County Bomb Squad rushed into the park to clear the area and investigate the mysterious devices.

Washington County Insider video captured a police dog scanning the area for possible explosives.

Investigators found 8-inch white cylindrical tubes plugged at both ends scattered throughout the park – some hidden by trees and others near large boulders.

In all, they found 10 pipes.

Although the bomb squad determined that none of the pipes contained explosives, police investigated who put them in the park and why.

By Friday, West curve police had a probable suspect: a 51-year-old woman from Ozaukee County.

The woman told investigators she hid the pipes for a treasure hunt – unaware that a concert was planned, police said.

“She admitted that she hadn’t informed anyone that she was doing this,” police said.

Now the woman could be arrested. Police returned a disorderly conduct charge to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

The HomeTown Foundation, organizer of the Regner Rocks concert series, said in a statement “we have a lot of thoughts and emotions about last night”, including the “relief”.

“We are relieved that our community members, vendors, performers, crew and our team members are safe,” the organization said.

Chacour Koop is a Kansas City-based real-time reporter. Previously, he reported for The Associated Press, the Galveston County Daily News and the Daily Herald in Chicago.

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Wisconsin Holstein Cow Sets National Lifetime Milk Record http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-holstein-cow-sets-national-lifetime-milk-record/ http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-holstein-cow-sets-national-lifetime-milk-record/#respond Thu, 03 Jun 2021 08:05:02 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-holstein-cow-sets-national-lifetime-milk-record/

If Andy Buttles were successful, he would have a barn full of cows, as would Hilda, head of Stone-Front, his 15-year-old registered Holstein who recently set the lifetime milk record for a Holstein cow.

Hilda, who died in 2020 about two months after setting the national record, produced 460,720 pounds of milk during her lifetime on the farm in Buttles County, Wisconsin. This broke the record set in 2003 by Koepke K0017229-1660, known as the “Granny” cow. Granny produced 458,616 pounds of milk during her lifetime on the Koepkes’ Oconomowoc Farm, Wisconsin.

Although Hilda set the record in 2020, Holstein Association USA just announced the achievement in April of this year.

Cow without problem

“She was never a show ring cow, but she was just a really good animal – medium size with a great udder,” Buttles says of Hilda. “She was one of those cows that if you needed an entire barn full of something she would be the one you would choose.

“She was a real cow with no problem. She was an easy babysitter; we never had any problems with it. And we had some luck along the way.

Hilda was born on Buttles Farm in 2005 to a mother who was a successful milk producer.

“[Hilda’s dam] didn’t have the best udder so we used a bull to try and improve the udder, ”Buttles says. “Everything fell into place perfectly. “

Hilda was not only a record-breaking producer, but she also scored Excellent throughout her productive life. It was officially classified EX-90 4E.

Her best record was set during her nine-year lactation, when she produced 48,200 pounds of milk with one milking three times a day. Hilda has been milked three times a day for the last six years of her life.

“She was producing milk every year,” Buttles says. “Some cows make a big record or two, but she could do it every year. When you think she’s filled nine tanker trucks with milk in her life, it’s just crazy.

Photos of award-winning cows line the walls leading to the Buttles Farm rest room, but there isn’t a single photo of Hilda to be found.

“There was always a cow that was prettier or won the show or got more notoriety,” Buttles says. “When she looked really good when she was young, we never knew she was going to set that kind of record. We don’t even have a snapshot.

One of those fancy show cows from the Buttles herd was Stone-Front Iron Pasta, which was rated EX-96 and was named Holstein Reserve Grand Champion at the 2010 World Dairy Expo.

“Everyone who looked at the cows in our herd was looking at Pasta, not the one paying the bills in the background,” says Buttles.

Hilda set the production record in February 2020 and about two months later she had a severe case of mastitis.

“At this age, although we tried to treat her, she didn’t have much to fight,” he said. “It was a sad day when she passed away. We thought we were going to dry it off and have it around, but that didn’t happen.

Farmer family

The Buttles family settled in Racine County in the 1840s, before Wisconsin became a state. One of Andy’s ancestors was the first white woman born in Racine County.

Dairy farming has become a family tradition passed down from generation to generation of Buttles – they have been breeding registered Holsteins since 1913 – but in 1997, a year after Andy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison , he decided to move the operation to Lancaster.

“We had a barn with 40 cows that was collapsing, and it didn’t make sense to do anything there, so close to an urban area,” says Buttles.

The year of the move to Lancaster came when Buttles bought Hilda’s grandmother.

“We needed more cattle to fill some of the 200 stalls [on the Lancaster farm]”Says Buttles.” Over the past 24 years we’ve gradually grown from there. We’ve tried to do it mostly with slow internal growth. “

Their most recent addition was a free stall barn with 480 cows about five years ago. The farm now includes three free stall barns and a double-16 milking parlor.

They raise forage for their herd of 1,200 cows on about 2,000 acres, half owned and half leased. Buttles employs 22 people on the farm.

“[Having employees] can be the best part and it can be the worst part of farming, ”he says. “We have key people who have been with us for a long time and who make it easy for us. But trying to find new people is difficult right now.

“People have always been the key here – to have great people who take good care of the cows and who love the cows.”

Stone-Front Farm has a moving herd average of 30,058 pounds of milk with 1,291 pounds of fat (4.3%) and 914 pounds of protein (3.04%).

Much of this production can be attributed to Hilda’s daughters and granddaughters.

“We have a lot of his daughters and granddaughters in the herd, and we’ve sold family genetics as well,” Buttles says. “The only thing the family does is they all milk well. It is not an accident. They only make full milk.

Buttles tends to keep cows in his herd much longer than the industry average. While some cows can live much longer, the average productive lifespan of a Holstein is around four years, according to the Holstein Association USA.

“Older cows just tend to produce more milk – they know the market,” he says. “I really like good cows. This is the part [of dairying] I have always enjoyed it. Seeing good cows is pretty exciting for me.

Buttles says he’s not sure if his family will add another generation to the long line of dairy farmers. He and his wife, Lynette, have two daughters, aged 14 and 11, and he’s not sure if they’ll ever want to take over the farm.

“Time will tell,” he said.

Massey lives near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Badgers volleyball: Dana Rettke to return to UW, compared http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-badgers-volleyball-dana-rettke-to-return-to-uw-compared/ http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-badgers-volleyball-dana-rettke-to-return-to-uw-compared/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 14:26:17 +0000 http://catch22mke.com/wisconsin-badgers-volleyball-dana-rettke-to-return-to-uw-compared/

Add another name to the seniors who will be back for another run for the Wisconsin National Volleyball Title. And a pretty big one at that.

US quadruple center tackle Dana Rettke will return to the Badgers for the fall campaign, according to a report, charging Wisconsin and head coach Kelly Sheffield for another run.

There was buzz from Tuesday night on his return, from an article by Dennis Punzel was posted to Madison.com (apparently by accident) confirming a fifth season for Rettke.

But now the job is back and the Badgers are returning an almost fully loaded squad to a team that has made two back-to-back Final Fours – including a national title loss in 2019.

Rettke joins Sydney Hilley, Grace Loberg, Giorgia Civita and Lauren Barnes as seniors who have pledged to return. Meanwhile, Molly Haggerty and Deahna Kraft left college while Nicole Shannahan transferred to Tennessee Volunteers.

With the exception of Haggerty, the Badgers return most of their exceptional offense. And Devyn Robinson will no longer be in first grade.

Combine that former Iowa libero, Joslyn Boyer, transferred to the Badgers and the return of Barnes and Civita – and the addition of Sydney Reed – defense seems to be supported as well.

Fans ready to pack Field House next year must surely be thinking that it will be the year.

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