Milwaukee – Catch 22 MKE Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:56:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Milwaukee – Catch 22 MKE 32 32 Why the celebration of Juneteenth Day has such a strong history in Milwaukee Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:47:33 +0000

The celebration of Juneteenth Day, one of the state’s oldest African-American events, will once again take place on North King Drive in Milwaukee on a day highlighting black culture and the opening of the season summer festivals with music, food, contests, vendors and a parade.

Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, when Union Army soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, with the news that all slaves were free, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Juneteenth is a cultural celebration focusing on the education and achievements of African Americans.

Juneteenth is the oldest commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States, and the Milwaukee celebration is one of the oldest in the country. It started in 1971.

RELATED: The celebration of Juneteenth Day in Milwaukee is back. He will resume in person this year.

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Suspect spat on Milwaukee parking officer after getting ticket Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:05:15 +0000

Milwaukee parking enforcement officers are called daily with complaints about cars illegally parked on the street. Early Thursday morning June 10, once such a call took a frightening turn.

Police were called to the 65th and Congress area around 2 am; a driver spat at a parking enforcement officer after receiving a traffic ticket.

The latest incident highlights the dangers all too often seen in an often thankless job that can bring out the worst in people.

“It should not be a violent situation,” said Jeff Polenske, commissioner of the Department of Public Works. “It is unacceptable that anyone, such as a parking enforcement officer or an official, is threatened. “

Polenske said the department receives about 35,000 to 40,000 service calls each year. Employees are often faced with frightening situations.

“They will regularly come into contact with motorists unhappy with the citation they receive,” Polenske said.

Milwaukee Parking Control Vehicle

Training is the key, says Polenske. Parking control officers are often paired up to stay safe and told to call the police or leave the area if it becomes too dangerous.

“We train our parking enforcement officers to try to avoid these kinds of situations if something becomes too situational or too problematic for them,” Polenske said. “We have to keep our employees safe. There is no reason for this to happen.”

Police are still searching for the known suspect in the case. FOX6 News has learned that the parking enforcement officer requested medical attention after the incident.

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Glenbrook Apartments: stolen, vandalized cars

At some point between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Milwaukee Police said several unknown suspects barged into a number of vehicles carrying all manner of items locked inside.

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Milwaukee and Morales agree to mediation Thu, 10 Jun 2021 06:59:00 +0000

Ousted Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales and the City of Milwaukee have agreed to mediation after nearly a year of litigation.

However, it will not be known exactly if or when the two parties reach a settlement. The two sides had a conference call scheduled for Wednesday, June 9 to review the mediation dates – agreeing to keep the dates of the conversations private.

The legal battle has taken many twists and turns.

“He never wanted to be removed from his post as chief,” said Raymond Dall’Osto, lawyer for Morales.

The city is working in a crucial time frame after a judge ruled that Morales did not receive due process when he was demoted by the Milwaukee Fire and Police Board in 2020. In May, the town had 45 days to come to a settlement with Morales or bring him back as leader by the first week of July.

The reinstatement is said to be a move unwelcome by senior city officials who favor current MPD interim leader Jeffrey Norman to take the post on a permanent basis.

“I want to make sure we don’t lose someone as talented and dedicated in Milwaukee as Jeff Norman,” said Joint Council Chairman Cavalier Johnson.

But the process of hiring a chef has been on hold for several months due to the Morales dispute. Last week, FOX6 News learned that Norman was looking for work elsewhere. He is one of three candidates under consideration to become the next Wauwatosa Police Chief.

“I would desperately want to keep it. I don’t want to lose it to a municipality that is literally across the street,” Johnson said.

Wauwatosa Police Chief Finalists James MacGillis, Jeffrey Norman and David Salazar

The mayor of Wauwatosa said a hiring decision could be made there within the next two weeks, which means the city could come to an agreement with Morales and not yet appoint Norman to lead the MPD.

The decision to fire a police chief ultimately rests with the PFC. Efforts to reach the PFC for comment on Wednesday were unsuccessful.

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WTMJ Guest Op-Ed: Milwaukee Urban League Partnership Works to Educate Communities of Color on COVID-19 Vaccine Wed, 09 Jun 2021 15:33:38 +0000

Wisconsin is approaching a milestone in the fight against COVID-19 with nearly half of all residents in the state receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. There are big differences in who gets the vaccine in Wisconsin, however, with individuals from communities of color lagging far behind white Wisconsinites. Just under one in three Hispanics and only one in four African Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine gap is of concern because Hispanics have 1.7 times higher rates of COVID-19 cases and African Americans have 2.1 times higher hospitalization rates. Native Americans have 1.5 times higher death rates from COVID-19.

The Milwaukee Urban League is launching a new program to educate, encourage and identify the need for communities of color to consider the COVID-19 vaccine. In collaboration with 20 partners in the Milwaukee region, as well as our national partners – National Urban League, National Action Network, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the ALL! N The campaign is sharing information about the COVID-19 vaccine and encouraging community members to seriously think about the possibility of receiving the vaccine. Milwaukee Urban League is just one of 25 Urban League affiliates across the country selected to participate in the ALL! N countryside.

A poll commissioned by the National Urban League and the Alliance of National Psychological Associations for Racial and Ethnic Equity found that 30% of African Americans said they did not want to be vaccinated. In collaboration with local partners, the ALL! N The campaign will share information with residents of the Milwaukee area so they can make their personal best choices regarding the vaccine. With just 60% of black-owned businesses expected to survive the pandemic, the ALL! N The campaign will also more widely shed light on how vaccination can be used as a remedy to help Milwaukee recover from the devastating economic impact of the virus on communities of color.

The initiative was created to remind African Americans that collective solutions have served the best interest of our community in the past when seeking substantive change. the ALL! N is a call to action for community members to consider the vaccine and turn to trusted sources – such as the Milwaukee Urban League and our partners – for accurate information. The campaign will strive to provide facts against the misinformation surrounding the vaccine and its distribution process, to reject the false notion of intentionally harmful agents in the vaccine, and to ensure accessibility of the vaccine to people of color.

The campaign will run through the end of 2021 and will include important updates on COVID-19 and information on awareness for the flu season in the fall. For more information on the ALL! N campaign or to join us, contact the Milwaukee Urban League today.


Dr Eve M. Hall is the President and CEO of Milwaukee Urban League

Learn more about WTMJ guest editorials: WTMJ Radio has always prided itself on being a hub for sports news / discussions / commentary. For nearly a century on WTMJ, local leaders, professional athletes, Wisconsin residents, lawmakers, listeners, and others have provided essential conversation on a variety of local topics and issues. This is why we are excited about our latest initiative, WTMJ Guest Op-Eds. We hope that by offering the WTMJ digital platform to a variety of critical thinkers, we will provide more ideas and dialogue to advance the conversation on several local initiatives. The opinions expressed in these columns are not those of WTMJ Radio or Good Karma Brands. Click to see more WTMJ guest opinion pieces.

If you would like to become a guest columnist of the WTMJ Op-Ed and want to be considered, send us an email here: [email protected]

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One week after Milwaukee lifted health order, officials say COVID-19 trends at all-time low Tue, 08 Jun 2021 23:38:00 +0000

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Milwaukee health officials say they will continue to push vaccination efforts with area organizations and sports teams so more people roll up their sleeves. This after national data shows that the incentives work to convince people to get vaccinated.

“It makes me happy that we made this decision, when we made the decision I think it was the right time to start bringing life back to normal,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

A week after Milwaukee lifted its health order, officials say trends in Milwaukee County are at an all time high with a 1.7% positivity rate and 20 new cases every day.

“Our data is proof that vaccinations help reduce the burden rate in our city,” said Kirsten Johnson, Milwaukee Health Commissioner.

“We are seeing a decrease in the disease burden and we are also seeing an increase in our number of vaccinations, although we want our vaccination numbers to continue to improve,” added Mayor Barrett.

Johnson says that on Tuesday, more than 50% of adults in the city received their first dose. National data from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 37% of people in the “wait and see” category plan to get the vaccine within three months, and the incentives are working.

“Our numbers continue to decline week after week, but if we are to see this trend continue, we must also continue to vaccinate,” Johnson said. “I can say that the events for which we have incentives available have a higher count than the events which don’t, overwhelmingly.”

The Milwaukee Department of Health to host a draw for Bucks playoff tickets in the Deer District on Thursday, June 10e 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The Brewers are also announcing two more pop-up vaccination clinics next week in exchange for two free tickets. The Brewers Clinic will start at 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15e and 9:10 am on Wednesday June 16e.

Johnson plans to step up door-to-door vaccinations once efforts for the mobile pop-up clinics are completed.

“We are doing everything possible, as the health commissioner mentioned, to achieve this penetration into the neighborhoods,” added Mayor Barrettt. “So we have by no means taken our foot off the accelerator pedal.”

The Milwaukee Department of Health said last weekend’s Summerfest Clinic vaccinated 396 people and other weekend efforts in the area brought that number to 500. Doctors say with the news Delta variant that spreads in the United States, it is essential to get vaccinated.

“If you are not vaccinated and you are fortunate enough not to have contracted COVID yet, you are really on probation,” said Dr. Ben Weston, associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and medical director of the office of Milwaukee County Emergency Management. . “The virus is not the same as it was last spring or fall. It is much more contagious and potentially more dangerous, more serious.”

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Giannis Antetokounmpo continues to believe as Milwaukee Bucks fall 2-0 down hole against Brooklyn Nets Tue, 08 Jun 2021 03:49:11 +0000

The Milwaukee Bucks have spent most of the past year trying to make sure this season’s playoff run goes differently than they did in the previous two.

But after being wiped out 125-86 by the Brooklyn Nets without James Harden in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series on Monday night in New York, the Bucks are heading home for Game 3 on Thursday knowing that they are now two losses away from a disastrous third straight end of the season.

Yet despite the situation, Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo said he didn’t feel any different from what he felt when Milwaukee was on his way to a Miami Heat sweep in the first round.

“It’s easy,” said Antetokounmpo, when asked how he could prevent his teammates from falling after falling into a 2-0 hole. “That’s what I do.

“I’m not going up too high, I’m not going down too low. After the Miami streak we were up 4-0, and coming to this streak I wasn’t high. Now that we’re down 2 -0, I’m not weak. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, keep trusting my job, keep trusting my teammates, keep believing in the team, keep believing in the habits that we’ve been building all year, and hopefully in Game 3 we get a win. “

After Milwaukee’s loss in Game 1 on Saturday – a game in which they missed 24 3-point attempts and the Nets got an unexpected production from Blake Griffin and Mike James after Harden left 47 seconds with hamstring strain – leggings – the expectation of some was that the Bucks even the series with Harden watching from the side.

Instead, the Nets demolished the Bucks early on, taking a 36-19 advantage after a quarterback and leading wire-to-wire in the biggest win in franchise history – and the worst playoff loss. Mike Budenholzer’s three-year playoff as Milwaukee coach.

The Bucks looked bewildered from practically the opening spike, settling for one jumper after another instead of attacking the paint – which, in turn, allowed the Nets to pick up a pace on the other end. .

It turned out to be a fatal combination for Milwaukee.

“There are some places we want to attack, some guys we want to attack with,” Budenholzer said. “[But] we just didn’t play well overall. First quarter, the whole game. … I think we need to play better from start to finish. “

Even with Harden out of the field, there was nothing the Bucks could do to stop the remaining Brooklyn stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. They combined to beat Milwaukee 22-19 in the first quarter, and Durant, in particular, got everything he wanted throughout the game, finishing with 32 points on a 12-for-18 shot with six assists in 33 minutes.

But they weren’t alone.

James impressed again with 10 points off the bench. Bruce Brown, who entered the starting lineup in place of Harden, scored 13 points with six rebounds, four assists and no turnovers. Landry Shamet scored three points in 16 minutes on the bench.

“I liked our attention to detail,” Durant said. “We didn’t get a lot of perfect plays, but we had second and third efforts. They didn’t destroy us on the offensive rebounds, which showed we were boxing.

“For the most part we just did what we were supposed to do at home. Now we have to see if this game can travel the road for us, and we have to stay locked up.”

Entering the series, Milwaukee’s biggest advantage seemed to be on the inside, where Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez are significantly bigger than the defenders the Nets have on them – especially with Brooklyn playing small and using Griffin or Nicolas Claxton. In the center.

But after the Bucks got eight offensive rebounds in the first quarter of Game 1, the Nets have effectively bricked the paint since. Milwaukee had just 11 offensive rebounds in Game 2 – and barely edged Brooklyn overall in rebounds (44-42). Milwaukee was 20 points less in the paint in Game 2 than in Game 1, while committing 16 turnovers which led to Brooklyn’s 23 points.

Khris Middleton followed his clunker in Game 1 with another in Game 2; he shot just 7 for 20 from the field and missed all six shots he took in that fateful first quarter. And after hitting the basket several times in Game 1, Antetokounmpo had a fairly pedestrian line – certainly by his standards – of 18 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 turnovers (he’s also gone 2 for 7 since the foul line). ) in 33 minutes.

“I missed a few that I thought I could have, forced a few that I shouldn’t have,” said Middleton, who is now 13-for-43 in that series. “You just have to find a better rhythm, a better selection of shots, I think.”

Combine that with the Nets shooting 52% overall – and an absurd 50% (21 of 42) from a 3-point range – while Milwaukee only shot 8 for 27 (29.6%) from deep , and it’s easy to see how Brooklyn led the Barclays Center Bucks so well.

“I think for us we saw them hit shots and we just got a little too selfish, and we tried to do it ourselves,” Bucks goaltender Jrue Holiday said. “We had a few hits in the paint, but they were hard hits, contested by two, sometimes three people.

“I feel like when we get in there we have to try to pulverize it and get those 3 wide open. We didn’t shoot well from 3 either, and that’s probably because that we didn’t have that many wide openings, and they did. We just need to be able to play a little better with the pass. “

Milwaukee will have to do a lot of much better things in Game 3. Otherwise, this series will head quickly in the same way as Milwaukee’s first-round series against Miami – only this time the Bucks will be receiving a sweep of four. matches.

“It’s an opportunity,” Antetokounmpo said. “At the end of the day we have to go about business and take one game at a time. I don’t want to hear that we have to win two at home. We have to win one at home. We have we have to win the Game 1. We have to get Game 3 and try to give everything to get it, and Game 4 try to do the same. But we have to focus on Game 3 now. “

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Kevin Garnett joins Milwaukee High School Sports Awards Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:06:48 +0000

NBA Champion, MVP and Naismith Memorial Class of 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee Kevin Garnett will announce the basketball winners at the Milwaukee High School Sports Awards. Garnett joins a roster of recently released high profile athletes and celebrities who will be part of the show.

The Milwaukee High School Sports Awards are part of the nation’s largest high school athletic recognition program. The top athletes from most state-sanctioned sports will be honored on an on-demand broadcast at 7:00 p.m. Central on June 30 on the event site.

After:Shaquille O’Neal and Sue Bird to Announce Athlete of the Year at Milwaukee High School Sports Awards

The Minnesota Timberwolves selected Kevin Garnett with their fifth overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft, becoming the first NBA player drafted straight out of high school in 20 years. Known for his intensity, defensive skills and versatility, Garnett is considered one of the greatest forwards of all time. He is one of four NBA players to win MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards. Garnett was named to 15 All-Star Games, winning the All-Star MVP award in 2003, and is currently tied for the third most All-Star selections in NBA history.

The show will be hosted by Laura Rutledge and Desmond Howard.

Hailing from Florida and Miss Florida 2012, Rutledge is now attracting viewers as a host of ESPN’s NFL Live and SEC Network’s SEC Nation. She anchored SportsCenter and hosted the red carpet cover at the Home Depot College Football Awards and ESPYs. Rutledge is a mainstay of ESPN’s extensive championship coverage surrounding the college football playoffs, the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships, and the Women’s College and World Series. She is also an ambassador for the Miracle League, an organization that builds baseball fields for children with disabilities.

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Nets vs. Bucks: How a two-minute streak ended Milwaukee’s Game 1 hopes and what that means for the future Sun, 06 Jun 2021 15:03:00 +0000

With 2 minutes and 15 seconds left in the third quarter on Saturday night, the Milwaukee Bucks were behind the Brooklyn Nets 86-80, and Giannis Antetokounmpo was heading to the line for two free throws and a chance to cut the deficit to four. When the quarter ended soon after, the Nets were leading 98-84 and the Bucks never recovered.

Now that the Nets have secured a 115-107 win and a 1-0 lead in the series, let’s take a closer look at the two-minute streak that sealed the Bucks’ fate and what that means for the rest of the series.

2:15: Nets 86, Bucks 80 – Giannis misses two free throws

As good as Giannis is, he has struggled on the free throw line in recent seasons. He went 0 for 3 in that game and is now shooting 58.3% from the playoff line. It wasn’t a good time in the game for that to happen, but Giannis missing from free throws is part of the deal.

2:07: Nets 89, Bucks 80 – Kyrie Irving hits a 3 in transition

After Giannis missed the second free throw, the Nets provide the rebound. Mike James throws the ball past Landry Shamet, who finds Kyrie Irving in the corner for a 3. A missed free throw is one thing, but it can’t happen. Nets are quite difficult to stop without offering them baskets because you got caught sleeping.

1:51: Nets 89, Bucks 80 – Giannis drives, flips the ball

Going down the field, the Bucks put the ball in Giannis’ hands and let him do a pick-and-roll with Jrue Holiday as the examiner. Giannis tries to attack the open space and loses control of the ball. Not really much to say here. Time and score make things even more expensive, but sometimes you’re just going to flip the ball.

1:46: Nets 91, Bucks 80 – Shamet dunks in transition

The Nets pounce on the loose ball and run the other way. Irving throws a nifty rebounding pass to Shamet, who throws it to push the double-digit lead. Live turnovers are absolutely brutal against the Nets.

1:36: Nets 91, Bucks 82 – Lopez hits two free throws

Wisely, the Bucks tried to calm things down a bit and went to Brook Lopez in the mail. He’s got a lag each time against that slim Nets frontcourt and quickly fouled Kevin Durant. The Bucks have shown good balance here and would have done well to remember that possession.

1:23: Nets 93, Bucks 82 – Durant drives and hits a little runner

Coming out of a screen, Durant caught the ball on the wing and went to work against Giannis. The Greek Freak got off balance slightly as he tried to close, giving Durant the split second he needed to get past the drive. Even so, he had to do the float while surrounded by three defenders. Overall it wasn’t even a terrible defense, just a tough bucket of Durant.

1:04: Nets 93, Bucks 82 – Giannis misses a 3 points

Once again, the Bucks put the ball in Giannis’ hands and made him perform a pick-and-roll. This time, instead of trying to attack space, he settles for a 3 point that doesn’t go down. The Bucks contested a rebound foul and won, resulting in a jump ball. But while they’ve been bailed out with that, it’s more a matter of process than outcome. It’s not a good offense at any point, but especially not while the Nets are on the run.

51.8: Nets 93, Bucks 82 – Giannis travel

The Bucks won the jump ball of the successful challenge, and again they went on a pick-and-roll with Giannis. This time, however, he was the roll. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either, as he grabbed the Holiday pass and traveled. Pretty good defense here from Nic Claxton to show off the ball and get Giannis back.

40.4: Nets 95, Bucks 82 – Durant makes two free throws

At the other end, Durant settled in the middle of the post and got Giannis with the rip motion. Just a game advised by one of the best scorers in the world.

28.4: Nets 95, Bucks 82 – Holiday misses a layup

Looking for some sort of answer, the Bucks are going pick-and-roll again with Holiday as the ball handler. This turns into an iso at the top of the key and he makes his way to the edge before missing a layup. That summed up the holiday night well. He got just 17 of 7 of 19 points from the field, something the Bucks absolutely can’t afford given their depth issues.

5.1: Nets 98, Bucks 82 – Durant Drains 3 Down

As time passed, the Nets put the ball in Durant’s hands and let him cook. He measured Giannis, busted the crossover and emptied a 3 step back in the face. Again, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Giannis was there to challenge, and it didn’t matter.

0.0: Nets 98, Bucks 84 – Lopez hits the buzzer a little harder

The Bucks threw the ball to the ground and Holiday found Lopez in the paint. He took Durant’s contact and threw a little leaner on the buzzer. Too little, too late, however. The damage to the Nets’ run at the end of the quarter was done.

Take away food

So what can we learn from this stretch? Here are some takeaways:

Dollars can’t make mistakes worse

Defensive breakdowns, missed free throws, turnovers and the like are part of the game, and no one will ever be perfect. One key for the Bucks, however, is to avoid making these mistakes worse, because this is where things can really get out of hand against the Nets.

A missed free throw results in a defensive breakdown, which results in a turn-over and then a bad shot as you insist on recovering the points as quickly as possible. All of a sudden the Nets snatched eight points and you don’t know what happened.

It’s a lot easier said than done, but when the Bucks feel things are slipping a bit, they need to slow down and work the ball inside towards Lopez or Giannis. The only successful half-court possession they had in this entire stretch was when they got a post touchdown at Lopez. Brooklyn really has no answer for either inside.

Durant is just unstoppable

It’s not really a last minute news, but Durant is amazing and there is no answer for him in isolation. He’s too smart, too clever, and too tall. In the playoffs, he has the third-highest number of isolation possessions per game (7.7) and was the fifth-most effective goalscorer in those situations (1.239 points per possession) by Synergy Sports.

Even when the Bucks put Giannis on him, it didn’t matter. Giannis was a lopsided step during a fence and Durant passed him for a float. Giannis cluttered him in the post and Durant managed to make a foul. Antetokounmpo played perfect defense on the perimeter and Durant still reversed a 3-recoil in his face.

Giannis attacking from the top of the sideline is not the answer

Giannis is an incredible player, and he had an incredible game, finishing with 34 points and 11 rebounds. It was a difficult stretch for him, however, and it was no surprise that two of the worst possessions in the pack came when he attempted to attack from the top of the wrench.

Antetokounmpo is talented and athletic enough to be successful at times, especially against lags. But without a rider to hold defenders accountable, these possessions simply become too predictable. Especially in the playoffs, opponents are going to be locked in and ready to force him to make some hard knocks and bad decisions.

That’s not to say he should never have the ball in his hands, but he’s had so much more success in this game when he touches the post or catches the ball in motion.

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Milwaukee drug trafficking: accused man gets probation Sun, 06 Jun 2021 01:13:04 +0000

Govanny Molina, 35, of Milwaukee, was sentenced to three years probation for his role in a drug smuggling operation in the south of the city.

Molina was charged with possession with intent to deliver THC and criminal maintenance of a drug trafficking location in 2019.

Neighbors told FOX6 News they had informed police that drugs were being sold. After this advice, the police monitored the residence in the days leading up to the execution of a search warrant.

According to a criminal complaint, law enforcement executed a search warrant at the Norwich Court home on the morning of October 1, 2019. During the execution of the warrant, officers “noticed the distinct smell of marijuana” .

Inside the house and garage, according to the complaint, officers found just under 18 pounds of marijuana – excluding the vape cartridges. Including the vape cartridges, the amount of marijuana exceeded 22 pounds.

In addition, according to the complaint, officers seized more than $ 935,000 in US currency.

Molina was initially sentenced to three years in prison and three years of extended surveillance. However, the judge suspended the sentence – ordering Molina to serve probation instead.

A sentencing hearing for Amanda Ware, 32, also indicted in the case, is scheduled for June 14.

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FBI searches for suspect in attempted armed robbery at northwest Milwaukee gas station Sat, 05 Jun 2021 03:25:00 +0000

MILWAUKEE – The FBI needs your help in locating an attempted armed robbery suspect whose weapon may be linked to two other incidents in Milwaukee.

It happened just before 6 a.m. last June at the Kwik Stop store at 35th and Silver Spring.


Surveillance video shows the attempted armed robbery and a store clerk using a mop to try to drop a gun from the suspect’s hand.

Investigators said the suspect went to buy executive fluid. A few minutes later, he returned to return it.

“During the return process, he announces an armed robbery,” said Robert Botsch, FBI deputy special agent in Milwaukee. “What he doesn’t see is that there is a second cashier inside the store who is trying to prevent the theft.”

The video shows the employee throwing a mop at the suspect.

Investigators say one of the clerks then electronically locked the store door, trapping the suspect inside. Next, investigators say the suspect shot the door, disabled the lock and escaped empty-handed.

Poster Image - 2021-06-04T221841.434.jpg


“The case was collected from inside the store and passed through ATF’s NIBIN machine,” Botsch said. “NIBINs is the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network, and what it did was show that the gun that fired this cartridge case had been used at least two other times in incidents in the city of Milwaukee. ”

Botsch says one was an armed robbery on the streets at 35th and Nash in March 2020. The other, he says, was a gunshot complaint near 57th and the Capitol in 2019.

Botsch is trying to find out who this suspect is and maybe if he pulled the trigger in all three cases.

“We know the weapon itself has been used at least three different times,” Botsch said. “It’s just a matter of which hand the weapon was in when it was used.”

If you have any information, call the FBI at 414-276-4684. There is a reward.

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