Businesses in central Wisconsin say they are unaffected by recent wheat shortage


WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – A spring wheat shortage in the northern plains of the United States has not affected businesses in central Wisconsin that depend on the harvest.

The harvest is found in the grain, the main ingredient in many local pizzerias. The US Department of Agriculture said the crop was down 41%.

Stoney Acres Farm owner Tony Schultz grows the crop in Athens. He said the drought had not affected his harvest in central Wisconsin.

“We touched a window,” Schultz explained, “if you remember, late March, early April, it was unusually hot for the season. We touched that window really well. We were able to plow the field, record it, bring in the wheat and it was spectacular. ”

He uses his wheat to make homemade pizza dough which he serves to his customers at Stoney Acre Farm.

“The theme of my restaurant is that it’s on the farm and everything on these pizzas comes from the farm,” Schultz said. “It’s like farm-to-table on the farm.

Fat Joe’s Pizzeria owner Joseph Minx said the shortage had slightly affected his business in Wausau.

“I have noticed that the price of this prize for 25 pounds of flour has increased by about 80 to 85 cents over the past two weeks,” Minx explained.

He said the increase is not as drastic as other shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s probably only pennies per pizza, so we certainly survived worse than that,” Minx said.

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