Bucks fans dream big after blowout win over Bulls sends them to second round

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — The Bucks’ blowout win over the Bulls in Game 5 of the first-round series was exactly what thousands of fans wanted to see as the title defense entered the second round.

Thousands of fans gathered throughout the Milwaukee area to watch the Bucks pick up another series victory.

Despite the weather and despite it only being the first round, Bucks fans were happy to celebrate another step towards another title.

CJ Papara is a manager at The 4and Basic restaurant in West Milwaukee. He said: “It’s humbling to win one, you’re like ‘we can’t win every year, can we? Or can you win it every year?”

Papara was busy hours before the whistleblower as regulars and fans gathered at 4and Base.

Cool temperatures meant few people were outdoors in the Deer district, but bars and restaurants in the area were packed long before the tip.

Bucks fan Mary Raciti said, “We always go out because I don’t have cable. It’s expensive, last year it got expensive.”

Few tables and bar stools were available at Leff’s Lucky Town in Wauwatosa as family and friends gathered to watch together.

Bucks fan Karley Haar said: “The experience is way more fun. Everyone is completely in the game. If I was home I’d be alone and not as fun. Not as fun.”

Downtown, the crowds kept warm inside the bars. And as fans made their way to the Fiserv Forum, we came across what might be the only Celtics fan in town.

Jordan Auerbach smiled as he said he had been “talking garbage all night. All I can really say is it’s a bad time to be a Bucks fan.”

Jordan Auerbach said he was watching the Bucks on a work trip to town. He didn’t shy away from anything, especially his prediction for the second round: “Celtics in 4. We still have 12 wins until the final, that’s it, end of story.” When asked if he used his head or his heart to predict the sweep, he replied, “It’s a bit of both.”

But Bucks fans were a little more hands-on with their predictions, while keeping expectations high.

CJ Papara said: “You know, if Middleton comes back, I like our chances in 7. But without him, it’s definitely going to be tough.”

And Mary Raciti said, “I think they’re going to go all the way.”

We also spoke to some of the food trucks that line Water Street to see if business is better on game days, but a few told us the cold weather had a more negative impact. They hope that will change when the second round begins in a few days.

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