Are you looking for a place to get away from it all? List reveals Wisconsin’s best Airbnb host

BIRCHWOOD, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Those looking for the best Airbnb host in Wisconsin will have to travel over 250 miles (from Green Bay) to find out what Airbnb has determined to be the best host in the state.

There were certain criteria created by Airbnb in order to determine the best host for each state. The criteria were:

  • Hosts had to have obtained 100% 5-star ratings in the categories of Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication
  • A minimum of 100 reviews
  • If there was more than one host who met the criteria, the tiebreaker was the one with the most reviews.

Wisconsin‘s top rated Airbnb host is Birchwood Blue Cabin in Birchwood, Wisconsin. Birchwood Blue Cabin is described as a cabin for four people, two bedrooms, three beds and one bath. On the website, it is stated that it costs $ 137 per night for a guest.

Some facts about the study showed:

  • 310 hosts in the US have met the 100% standard
  • North Carolina and California were the states with the highest number of Hosts meeting the 100% standard
  • Portland, Oregon was the city with the most hosts meeting the 100% standard, with seven

For those looking to drive to one of Wisconsin’s neighboring states, here is the best Airbnb host for neighboring states:

  • Illinois
    • The Guest House – Galène
  • Iowa
    • Farm Retreat – Norwalk
  • Michigan
    • Country living near downtown – Traverse City
  • Minnesota
    • The Seward House – Minneapolis

For more information on the full list of the best of each state Airbnb hosts visit their website.

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