9 last-minute Milwaukee-themed Halloween costumes


Show up on Halloween as a local celebrity and you are sure to be recognized. The Milverine is an iconic yet simple Halloween outfit. Famous for strutting around Milwaukee; his outfit does not include a shirt, blue jeans and a hearty wolverine-like beard.

Dick bacon

Another Milwaukeean who rose to fame for taking off his shirt was the late Dick Bacon or “Mr. Bradford. Bacon loved to have a crisp golden tan all year round, no matter what the weather outside. All you need is is a tanned tan, a skimpy swimsuit and some tin foil to complete this look.I hope it’s not too cold!

The Fonz / Fonzie

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, aka The Fonz, is a fictional character from the 1950s sitcom “Happy Days”, set in Milwaukee. The character’s popularity increased due to his ‘too cool for school’ attitude, iconic ‘Fonzie’ look and catchy slogans. A “Fonzie”-inspired Halloween costume can include sleek hair, a leather jacket, skinny jeans, and aviators. Bonus points if you can remove a shark from a pool.

Photo from Visit Milwaukee

Rollie Fingers

Roland “Rollie” Glen Fingers is a relief Hall of Fame pitcher who once played for the Milwaukee Brewers, including in the team’s World Series in 1982. Fingers could be just as famous for his iconic mustache and one of a kind. . Don any Brewers gear (preferably vintage) you own and complete your “Rollie” costume with a store-bought or self-grown handlebar mustache.

The Avengers of the Great Lakes

This powerful comic book team is great for people going in groups this Halloween. The Fictional Superheroes were released by Marvel Comics and are a Milwaukee-based Avengers-like team that includes some weird characters. Dress like one of the original five members – Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar, Big Bertha, Flatman, and Doorman. Or pay homage to one of the rookies like Squirrel Girl or Deadpool.

Vintage Great Lakes Avengers

Samson the Gorilla

Samson was one of Milwaukee’s most famous residents – one of the largest gorillas in captivity. He resided at the Washington Park Zoo and later at the Milwaukee County Zoo for 30 years and captivated huge crowds as the zoo’s main attraction until his death in 1981. He was also known to knock on them. glass enclosures and drilled four different times. Gear up in a gorilla costume and spend your Halloween like Samson would.

Photo from Milwaukee County Zoo Samson Stomp

Laverne and Shirley

Looking for a duo costume for Halloween? This classic sitcom’s headline pair is the perfect pair for you and your best friend. Laverne and Shirley worked together at a brewery called Shotz in Milwaukee, wearing long, button-down blue blouse uniforms – Laverne’s with a big L on it. And the costumes wouldn’t be complete without you and your partner quoting their famous saying “Schlemeil!” Schlemazel! Hassenpfeffer Incorporated! “

Famous racing sausages

What better Milwaukee-themed Halloween costume than the famous racing sausages. These tasty runners are widely known and loved because of their tradition at Brewers Stadium. You can choose one of the sausages for Halloween or convince your friends to dress up and go like the whole sausage team.

Photo courtesy of American Family Field

Milwaukee Chick Player

Did you know there was another professional baseball team in Milwaukee? In 1944, the Milwaukee Chicks formed an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League team, dominating their competition en route to a championship in their only season. They were also known to wear league-mandated skirt uniforms! Represent the Chicks with a replica uniform, a baseball bat and a glove.

The 1944 Milwaukee Chicks, champions of the AAGPBL; Photo courtesy of aagpbl.org



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